Meant To Be Broken: Summer Teen Romance

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Are you look for teen summer romance books that will keep you up all night? Fall in love along with Rayne in Meant To Be Broken by Brandy Woods Snow.

Down And Dirty Meant To Be Broken By Brandy Woods Snow Book Summary

Fiery southern belle, Rayne Davidson, finds herself in an unexplainably lucky situation in Meant To Be Broken by Brandy Woods Snow.

The town’s shining star, Preston Howard, has eyes on her. Preston is already taking college courses as his parents groom him to inherit the successful family business. Straight-edged, sweet, and hot as heck, Rayne cannot believe her circumstances—and neither can her mean-girl friends. Add in Preston’s witty and equally hunky brother and let the love triangle begin.

In one of the best teen summer romance books of the year, Meant To Be Broken (Carolina Clay #1), written by Brandy Woods Snow, thrillingly takes readers on a plot filled with high school twists and turns of Rayne’s love life. You will not be able to put down this book, especially once you hit the halfway mark. Woods Snow just keeps the heartbreaking suspense and deceitful drama coming.

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Meant To Be Broken Book Information

Title: Meant To Be Broken
Series: Carolina Clay Book 1
Author: Brandy Woods Snow
Publisher: Filles Vertes Publishing
Publication Date: 2018
Genre: Young Adult Romance | Contemporary YA | Realistic Fiction

I would like to thank Filles Vertes Publishing for personally sending me a free copy of Meant To Be Broken in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Find a copy of Meant To Be Broken by Brandy Woods Snow Here:  Amazon

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Book Review of Meant To Be Broken (Carolina Clay #1)

A Small Town With Big Romance (And Bigger Mouths)

Welcome to small-town South Carolina where locals whisper about your off-brand mayonnaise purchases. Southern customs and gossip seep out of every page, and the scene is automatically set as the town begins to gossip over Preston’s underwhelming new girlfriend choice. In fact, the talk is so bad that Rayne’s “crazy” mom has a panic attack in the grocery store.

The bee-like chatter is true: Rayne is not your average girl and is definitely not Preston’s usual type. Smart and bold, Rayne is a firecracker.  Although she does not come from money, her family is sweet. Similar to Rayne, Preston’s brother, Gage, is the black sheep of his family. Constantly disappointed, Gage’s mother shows no interest or love in him and his father keeps his distance. Even the town seems to be at unease with Gage and his tattoo while Preston receives all of the admiration.

While Preston and Rayne begin their courtship, Rayne and Gage’s friendship also grows. From French class partners to practice homecoming dances in the janitor’s closet, we can see where this romance is going. Preston becomes busier and busier with adult dreams, and Gage just happens to be around more.

All three characters love and care about each other, though, which makes for one hell of an ending. There are secrets and lies that threaten to destroy everyone.  Everything we thought we knew and Woods Snow presents comes under fire.

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Wait, Meant To Be Broken Is Not Over Yet?

About halfway through, I had my conclusion. Or so I thought. With problems fixed, everything was great.   When I looked down at my Kindle page number, though, I had merely reached the halfway point. What the heck? No way. No freaking way. What else could there be to write about?  We hit happily ever after. Then, Rayne’s life imploded.  The book imploded.  I did not sleep.  I could not sleep.  WHAT JUST HAPPENED?

And just like that, the book continued for another large suspenseful chunk with major plot and life twists that I just did not see coming.  No spoilers here but find every family and teenage life topic chucked on the table like little pop rocks.  Watch them jump, crackle, and explode.

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Who Will Stay Up All Night With Me?

Do You Love Teen Summer Romance Books Like Meant To Be Broken

I do.  Sign me up any day.

Meant To Be Broken is a YA contemporary romance.  Realistic fiction is my jam times 100. If you love romance, adult or teen, this book is for you. In the world of YA, I do recommend this title for a more mature teen audience for sexual references and…outcomes…but only if you are more on the conservative side of tweens and teens reading about sex.

Most appealing: mean-girl friends, thoroughly fleshed out characters that surprise you, and the overall relevance of this title.  Teen love.  The military.  Non-traditional families and family drama.  Mental Illness.  High School.  Bring it on! I just love falling in love too, and this title pulled on all of the right heartstrings.  I cheered for all three characters, feeling like a traitor since only one man can win the woman.

Brandy Woods Snow is a talented writer, and I look forward to her next book.

Learn more about Brandy Woods Snow.

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  1. I’m not a huge fan but sometimes they do get me. One that was a sweet surprise is ‘Anna and the French Kiss’. This sounds lovely as well. I think I will give it a try in the near future. They’re usually such a relaxing and fun reads. 🙂

    1. That’s exactly why I love teen romances. They are fun to read: they make me a little nostalgic, and I love the young (naive) romance. So many times during this story I thought: maybe if you were just mature and honest with each other, we wouldn’t be having these frustrating problems. Why don’t we talk it out?! BUT, then I remembered that the characters are young adults. This title was a good cheesy for me–and if cheese is your thing, you’ll enjoy it. My teenage-self would have loved it too, especially since Rayne is like me (until she screws up…you’ll see).

  2. Guilty! I love teen romances and this one has my name on it. I’m compiling a long list of books to read after finding your blog. I need to either not work anymore or add more time in the day.

    1. Teen romances are my weakness. I’m glad you love them too! I’m actually struggling with time management and reading right now. I think it’s time to review a picture book. Let me know what you think if you read it ?? I always get nervous that someone will be like: girl, you cray cray!!

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