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Keep reading if you are interested in paid writing opportunities or are a business, publisher, or author looking to work with us.

What Is The Uncorked Librarian?

The Uncorked Librarian showcases “books and movies to inspire travel.”

Our goal is for readers and movie watchers to travel via their armchairs as well as enhance planned and previous vacations to destinations.

Through our annual and popular Uncorked Reading Challenge, readers explore a variety of themes, discuss their selections in our engaged Facebook Group, read more diversely, and challenge themselves to read outside of their norm.

Readers will also find new releases, translated literature, and “everyday” reading lists by season and subject.

Who Manages The Uncorked Librarian?

Christine Frascarelli owns and manages The Uncorked Librarian LLC. She writes The Uncorked Librarian’s website content, manages all social media channels, facilitates the Uncorked Readers Facebook Group, sends out newsletters, and personally responds to emails and inquiries. Of course, Christine also devours a plethora of books, movies, documentaries, TV shows, and podcasts.

We also hire paid and credited writers for articles. These contributors are both a part of our reading community and writing team.

Read more about Christine and the entire writing team.

Who Is The Uncorked Librarian’s Demographic?

Our visitors range in age from college students, librarians, and booksellers to retirees, teachers, and avid readers.

Our audience is based mostly in the United States followed by residents of the UK, Canada, India, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, The Philippines, The Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, France, Ireland, Spain, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Nigeria.

Our Sister Website, Uncorked Asheville

Christine also manages the popular travel website, Uncorked Asheville. Uncorked Asheville is for visitors and residents to “experience Asheville like a local.” Our hope is that visitors will experience the magic of Asheville, North Carolina that we felt on our first visit. Of course, we are now Asheville, NC residents.

We especially encourage North Carolina travelers to tour both off-the-beaten-path and more local places as well as visit “must-sees.”

Learn more about Uncorked Asheville.

How Can We Work Together?

You champion your products, books, and services just as much as The Uncorked Librarian appreciates a full-bodied glass of red wine and a boozy, Paris-wandering, vampire-slayer indie novel. TUL wants nothing more than to shine a book light onto heartfelt and unique brands, books, publishers, businesses, and individuals.

For Authors & Businesses

Here’s how you can work with us:

  • Media Invites & Press Releases: We accept media invites to events and press releases. Please just remember to ask before signing us up for newsletters – it’s the law.

  • Events/Appearances: If you’d like to partner for an event or request a guest appearance, we’d love to hear from you. We are always interested in hosting meet-ups and onsite book clubs. We charge a fee for most guest appearances.

  • Advanced Review Copies: If you are an author, publisher, or marketing team wanting to share new books, please refer to our Book Review Policy. Please do not automatically add us to your mailing list without permission or spam us. We receive many emails/requests and may not always respond. Please do not send the same email/request more than once.

  • Sponsored Work: We will occasionally consider sponsored stays, meals, drinks, and activities at no obligation to post or write about the experience. If we have a good experience, we typically share this in our newsletter, across social media channels, and may add your business to a relevant website article – at our discretion.

  • Press Trips: For a fee, we will also occasionally create sponsored posts for the website and social media as well as accept Press Trips.

We will not work/partner for a free glass of wine. You cannot pay your bills with a glass of champagne and neither can we. Please don’t contact us with these types of inquiries.

Email Christine at hello [at] theuncorkedlibrarian [dot] com for all opportunities.

For Freelance Writers

While we take pride in reading as many books as we can and writing our own articles, we hire paid and credited website writers/contractors to help us.

Please know that we do not hire ghostwriters.

We ask that all writers are willing to make more than a one-time commitment, especially since we take time to train you to write specifically for our website. You will be asked to sign a contract stating all terms of agreement.

If you are interested in writing for The Uncorked Librarian (or Uncorked Asheville), please email Christine with the following information:

  • Experience and one or two brief writing samples demonstrating your abilities
  • Demonstration of basic SEO skills and understanding – while we prefer writers who have a background/training in SEO and marketing, this is not necessarily a requirement
  • Your rate per word count
  • Topics you’d like to write about; we ask that you read many of the books and watch the movies that you talk about; we want experts in a particular field

Businesses & Brands We’ve Worked With

The Uncorked Librarian LLC and Uncorked Asheville work together as well as separately with many book, booze, marketing, and travel businesses. These are just a few of the brands and businesses we’ve teamed up with: