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TUL Book Review Policy

Do you write books set in destinations or global and diverse titles? Please read over The Uncorked Librarian’s Book Review Policy before requesting services.

TUL Book Review Policy

Hi! I [Christine, The Uncorked Librarian] am currently accepting extremely limited and solicited advanced reading copies (ARCs), review copies of books, and newer titles issued no later than 2 months after the publication date.

On occasion, I will make an exception for an earlier released title.

Please know that I prefer to add titles to book lists versus single book reviews. These book lists circulate better for both TUL as well as the author and publisher. Such themed lists also have a much longer shelf life–no pun intended. I update all book lists frequently.

If you are looking for an example, please look over this Florida book list.

On occasion, I will review a title, fully.

Before you reach out to me at hello [at] theuncorkedlibrarian [dot] come, please read over my complete Book Review Policy.

The Uncorked Librarian’s Book Review Policy

Book Formats TUL Accepts

Physical Book Copies Only (I want to hold that bad boy!)

On rare occasion, I may consider a digital format but only from authors outside of the United States. I definitely understand the [wild] price of international shipping and customs.

Books TUL May Review

The Uncorked Librarian showcases books, booze, and travel coming together.  Types of books that I will consider for review:

  • Books set in a prominent and specific destination or location
  • Travel books
  • Books perfect for fun, seasonal lists related to books, booze, and travel
  • Possibly a title related to booze, libraries, reading, and travel

Please check my social media and current blog posts to see what country/countries, cities, and areas that I am focusing on for reviews and book lists. 

You may also check-in with me via email to see where I am off to next or what gaps I would like to fill in for books around the world.

Indie authors and publishers hold a special place in my heart.

Book Review Format

Book List

For book lists, I will include a cover to your book, the title and author, a link to purchase, and a brief 3-6 sentence summary.

Book Review

Although I like to mix up review styles and always implement keywords for optimal SEO, I typically format reviews in the following way:

  • Book Cover, Title, Author, Publisher, Genre, Number of Pages
  • Buy Links
  • Synopsis
  • Non-Spoiler Review (unless otherwise warned)
  • Information About The Author
  • Pins: Please note that unless otherwise directed, I will make a pinnable image for Pinterest with your book cover.

Where TUL Shares Book Reviews

I love sharing books with readers all over the world. Below are a few of the methods I use to get the word out about a worthy title.

I love when authors and publishers share my links and tag The Uncorked Librarian (@theuncorkedlibrarian; Twitter @theuncorkedlib) as well.

Limitations To Reviewing

I love reading and writing. Unfortunately, I cannot accept every request to review.

I will consider all email queries but also cannot promise to respond to every email—although I still try. If you have not heard from me in a timely fashion, please assume I am unable to accept your request for a title at that particular time.

If I agree to review your title, know that I may review within a week or even months of receiving the book.  I may also choose not to review at all.

Book Review Policy Disclaimer

By contacting me with a request to review, you acknowledge and respect that I am obligated to write my honest opinion.

All assessments are my own and are not meant to be biased or cause harm in any way.

Upon receiving and reading a title, if a book is poorly edited, in bad taste, or does not catch my interest to the extreme, I reserve the right to decline a review. I may or may not inform you, briefly, why I declined the review.

Additional Book-Related Services

If I accept your book for a review, other services available may include:

  • Hosting a giveaway with author/publisher-provided materials
  • Offering a guest slot in a collaborative piece
  • Taking over your social media for a day to publicize
  • Providing ad space for your title on TUL blog or social media channels [purchased]
  • Hosting an online launch/publicity party [purchased]
  • Showcasing a sponsored ad on social media [purchased]

Are You Ready To Work Together To Promote The Next Great Read?

Thank you for reading my Book Review Policy.

Although my guidelines are thorough, I promise that I am more of a unicorn than a lion.  These terms are meant to help both you and I work together in the most productive and successful way.

Please feel free to email me at hello [at] theuncorkedlibrarian [dot] com with a request to review/add to a book list.

When writing a book request email, please be sure to include:

  • Title, author, publisher, publication date, and summary of the book
  • How your book fits with the mission and niche of TUL
  • Although I sometimes use affiliate program book covers or my own pictures, I would love an official book cover image from you and/or permission from you/your publisher to use the cover in a responsible manner across social media (Pinterest pins).
  • Lastly, if you have a date that you would like your book reviewed by, let me know. However, please be aware that I cannot guarantee a time when I will post a review.
Book Review Policy Updated November 2019