TUL Book Review Policy

The Uncorked Librarian is currently accepting advanced reader copies (ARCs) and newly published titles issued no later than 1 year after the publication date. On occasion, we make an exception for an earlier released title.

Please know that we rarely write single-article book reviews. All ARCs and gifted books will be considered for round-up reading lists only. We update book lists throughout the year.

Before you reach out to Christine at [email protected], please read over our complete Book Review Policy.

The Uncorked Librarian’s Book Review Policy

Book Formats TUL Accepts

  • Physical book copies
  • Amazon Kindle

Genres & Subjects TUL May Review

The Uncorked Librarian showcases movies and books to inspire travel. Subjects we may review include:

  • Books set in a prominent and specific destination or location
  • Travel books
  • Books perfect for fun, seasonal lists related to books, booze, and travel
  • Books related to themes in that current year’s Uncorked Reading Challenge

Book Review Format

Book List

For book lists, we will include a cover of the book, the title, author, a link to purchase, and a brief 3-6 sentence summary.

Single Article Book Review


Where TUL Shares Book Reviews

We love sharing books with readers all over the world. Below are a few of the methods we use to get the word out about a worthy title.

We also appreciate when authors and publishers share our links as well as tag The Uncorked Librarian (@theuncorkedlibrarian; Twitter @theuncorkedlib).

Please let us know if and where you quote us on your marketing materials.

Limitations To Reviewing

We love reading, but unfortunately, we cannot accept every request to review. We will consider all email queries but also cannot promise to respond to every email.

If you have not heard from us in a timely fashion, please assume that we are unable to accept your request for a title at that particular time. Please only email us once per request.

Please do not spam us or add us to your mailing list without permission.

If we agree to review your title, know that we may review the book within a week or even months of receiving our copy.  We may also choose not to review at all.

Book Review Policy Disclaimer

By contacting us with a request to review, you acknowledge and respect that we are obligated to write our honest opinions. All assessments are our own and are not meant to be biased or cause harm in any way.

Upon receiving and reading a title, if a book is poorly edited, in bad taste, or does not catch our interest, we reserve the right to decline a review. We may or may not inform you in regards to this.

Submit A Request To Review

When writing a book review request, please be sure to include:

  • Title, author, publisher, publication date, and summary of the book
  • Book cover image

Send all requests to Christine at [email protected].

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