Boozy Maine Book Review: Blood and Sand by Jennifer M Lane

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Are you looking for a boozy coming of age novel set in Maine? Check out Blood and Sand by Jennifer M Lane.  Scroll down for an exclusive Blueberry Thyme Amaretto Sour recipe too.

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There is one thing that The Uncorked Librarian just cannot resist: an indie book all about booze.

If you are looking for a fresh-out-of-undergrad adult fiction novel about new beginnings and bartending, Blood and Sand: The Collected Stories of Ramsbolt is 200% for you.  Plus, as you know, TUL specializes in books set in places and indie authors; welcome to small-town Maine and a book that you should add to your indie author book list.

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Book Information For Blood And Sand

Title & Author: Blood and Sand by Jennifer M Lane
Indie Published 2019
Pages: 296
Genre: Coming Of Age | Contemporary Fiction | Book Set In Maine | **Mature YA (Due To Alcohol Drinking and Bartending Component)

Thank you so much to Jennifer M Lane for providing me with a free copy of Blood and Sand in exchange for an honest review.


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Blood and Sand by Jennifer M Lane

Blood and Sand Book Summary

Logan Cole is a Yale graduate who has it all.  Her family wealth allows her to jet-set across the world when she craves brunch in London.  As Logan soon finds out, though, this life of luxury is pretty much a corrupt and dirty facade.

With her father now in jail for crimes against the state and a mother gallivanting off to Paris with sketchy offshore bank accounts, Logan finds herself completely abandoned and broke.  With less than $10,000 in her savings account, she is looking for a fresh start to escape the incessant death threats.  Her father pissed off quite a few people.

With a one-way bus ticket to Ramsbolt, Maine (not a real town), Logan must find a job and place to live.  Ramsbolt is hardly even pinhead-sized on a map full of a vibrant cast of characters.  Lucky for Logan, the aging Helen needs a bartender.  A small apartment the size of Logan’s old closet is available across the street.  What a change from her mansion.

After finally acclimating to her working-class, penny-pinching life, all goes to heck when the dilapidated bar burns down.  Logan must find a way to save the bar and herself.

Fighting against a grumpy old man, Avril, and overdue debts, will she attend the bar competition in NYC that could help save the bar?  How will she survive without her job?  Most importantly, what will become of this riches to rags young woman?  Who will become Logan’s family?

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Looking for a special drink featured in Blood and Sand? Try this Blueberry Thyme Amaretto Sour.  Of course, you must be 21+ to have a sip, and please drink responsibly.  Thank you to Jennifer M Lane for sharing such a tasty treat.


Who Will Love Blood and Sand By Jennifer M Lane?

I am always a sucker for a budding YA romance, which Blood and Sand certainly has.  Grey is your typical hard-working yet lower-middle-class guy with a big heart.   You can’t help but cheer him on as he guides Logan into her new bartending career and success.  Plus, he clearly likes her.

Equally important, I love the messaging in Blood and Sand.  Of course, we know the cliche that money doesn’t buy happiness, but more so, the story represents a class of a people who sometimes get lost in novels.  So few authors tell the hardships of hard-working people earning minimum wage.  The focus on working-class America, as you see in Richard Russo’s Empire Falls or the TV series Roseanne, juxtaposed with extreme wealth makes Blood and Sand the ultimate realistic fiction title for the masses.

I especially appreciate the small-town community and how one little bar brings everyone together.  Without the bar, the town members grow isolated and lost.

In addition, each drink that Logan makes takes on meaning, heart, and soul.  Cocktails match the townspeople and their personalities.  There is depth to something as simple as a whiskey sour with a twist.

Spoiler Alert

Plus, in a world that judges careers, I’m so proud that Logan becomes a renowned bartender and small business owner.  Sometimes all that matters in life are the friends and family you adopt.  Blood and Sand is truly a community-oriented, feel-good novel for the soul with a little something-something to warm you up inside.


About The Author Of Blood and Sand

Jennifer M Lane is originally from Maryland.  She has a BA in philosophy from Barton College and an MA in museum studies from the University of Delaware.  Jennifer loves whiskey and cars.  You can read more about her at Jennifer M Lane Writes.

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  1. Working-class America is America in her truest form, at her very core, I’d say! The books that do highlight that always seem like they’re worth the read for that very reason. I love the “pauper and princess” vibes from stories like this–if that makes sense haha!

    P.S. hope the moving-in is going well!! 😉

    1. OMG you are totally self-hosted and have a new blog name–It’s perfect, and I love it!

      Moving is going… I am so slammed between unpacking, renovation, and then getting things swapped over like my driver license and car registration. We won’t even begin to talk about TUL LLC lol!! Thank you! Hopefully, I’ll re-emerge on IG soon. I wanted to do a mid-month newsletter, and I think I’ll miss my blog post this week. We’ll see.

      Working-class America is definitely the heart of America and truly gets left behind. I love books that focus on the community.

  2. When you are reading a book set in a certain place, do you ever want to stop reading, go to that place and finish reading there? I could imagine reading this in a small town in Maine, or even at a bar near home while sipping on a whiskey sour. I love the sound of the plot of Blood and Sand and will definitely end up picking it up to read before too long!

    1. I do!! Or in the case with Blood and Sand, stop reading to go and make a drink! Lol. This book really made me feel like I was in a *good* episode of Roseanne (before, well, you know…)… I loved the small-town feel. If Hallmark did booze, this story would be great for them to pick up!

    1. I still haven’t made a blueberry thyme whiskey sour yet either. I might have to cheat on the syrup, though. There are a few high tech ways to make it. I’ve also never made my whiskey sours with raw eggs–although I drink them out like that. I don’t trust myself not to kill my insides with them lol! I prefer not to see the process. Let me know if you make it.

      The pin should be the book cover and/or the cocktail recipe. Did it not work for you? I tested out my share button and TW, ek! I can double-check it again; they even have pin descriptions. I do also have a separate book review pin just on Pinterest–but readers typically only pin book covers.

      Full book blogging disclosure lol: Single book reviews don’t perform that well on Pinterest, my readers rarely pin sole book reviews straight from my blog (book lists perform much better there), and I didn’t really want to clog server space with a third pin option. Do you think I should have a 3rd one?

      Thanks for reading! XXxx

        1. I figured that I would try a new pin tactic ; ) Plus, you know what I am thinking for a new business plan… hehe. Actually, I might mess with some gummies…and unicorns…gahaha.

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