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North American Books & Books Set In North America

Are you looking for books set across the United States and North America? Discover some of the best North American books and books set in and about North America.

We love reading books set in travel destinations before heading there.

If you are hoping to spark your North American wanderlust or travel via your armchair, you’ll love these curated reading lists with books set in, across, and about North America.

Below, find North American books and book lists by country that land on The Uncorked Librarian. These diverse reads are sure to inspire your travels.

Plus, these books about North America will enhance your knowledge both before and after you go.

Explore translated and ex-pat literature along with women’s and historical fiction. TUL thrives on supporting indie authors and loves YA books, guaranteeing you’ll find something new and unusual.

In addition to TUL’s diverse reading lists, plan your next vacation with literary and boozy travel-related itineraries and tips.

Don’t forget to read around the world with our 2021 Reading Challenge Here.

Books about North America with picture of Grand Canyon
If you are hoping to travel to North America via a good book or are planning your North American vacation, grab one of these books set in North America to get you started.

Books Set In & About The United States

Are you looking for books set across America? Discover some of the best books set in and about the United States.

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Travel Around The World With Our Uncorked Reading Challenge

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