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The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy

Are you looking for a feel-good YA summer romance? You’ll get a sugar rush for The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy by Jennifer Ann Shore.

The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy Review

Book Information

The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy Book

Title: The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy
Author: Jennifer Ann Shore
Publisher: Indie
Publisher Date: 2019
ISBN: 9781732608320
Pages: 159
Genre: Young Adult | Realistic Fiction | Contemporary YA Romance

CW: Underage Drinking & Sex; recommended for mature YA

Disclosure:  I’d like to thank Jennifer Ann Shore for providing me with a free copy of The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy Summary

From Drab To Fab

Set in PA, Anna is entering her junior year of high school and looking for a change of pace.  A list-maker and strong student, Anna is a play-it-safe and practical kind of gal.  Unlike her brother, her future is uncertain both for college and her career.

The pressure is immense.  Her parents could easily hand over the family business, making her life a cakewalk.  However, Anna wants more but doesn’t know what more is yet.

…Until she gets caught checking out Jeremy’s abs, her brother’s best friend and the boy who has grown up with her.

Now, wait, that sounds wrong, and I am a total feminist.  I swear.  Anna wants the danger and adventure that Jeremy represents…along with the lust.  I am game.

Anna craves experiencing life and feeling on a deeper level, but her mind is a constant battlefield.  I blame the fact that the girl doesn’t eat a damn veggie.  Most days, my mind is clouded with wine and coffee–I get it.

When Romance Meets Cereal

Anna enlists Jeremy to help her fulfill a mini-bucket list of adventures throughout the summer.  Get a tattoo.  Cross the state.  Have an intimate moment with a man…  Jeremy is more than willing to jump right in, too.  No, no.  I mean, YESSSS, YESSSSS, but he is a GOOD guy.  A really good freaking guy.  Kinda like a Tom–attractive, geeky, and wholesome.

I love a crunchy, well-rounded man.

Throughout the summer, readers watch as Anna and Jeremy’s relationship blooms.  True to her nature, though, Anna puts up walls that Jeremy consistently climbs over.  Worried about making their family situation more awkward and ruining her brother’s friendship, Anna has a tough decision to make.  Should she follow her heart or her brain?

Yup, you want to slug her for a bit.  And yup, you want to tell her parents to shut the heck up and get off her back.  Haven’t we learned what happens when we push kids into picking their entire careers too early?  I swear guidance counselors are evil too.


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The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy Review

Jennifer Ann Shore might have written The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy just for me.  There are CATICORNS, steamy kisses, and cereal.  So much cereal.  The short: I DEVOURED IT!!  Like Beauty and the Beast-style but instead, the Beast is slurping up almond milk.

A Small Content Consideration For My Conservative Families

Is this even needed if you follow me regularly?  I am writing this clause for Google hits because you know TUL curses like, well, The Uncorked Librarian.  Plus, I love my booze, and I don’t blush over a hot sex scene.  Even more, I champion realistic YA lit and telling it like it is.  Sorry parents: many of your kids are most likely fooling around, having sex, and going to parties with alcohol.

I’m not going to lie: I also messaged Shore to let her know that her high school relationships might have been way…more fun…than mine.  Apparently, I dated the wrong and most boring guys with no ‘experience.’  TMI truth bomb.

Go, Anna! Go!  Anna and Jeremy must be watching 13 Reasons and Riverdale lately.  Archie….man–now I feel like a gross-ass cougar who should go to jail.

If you don’t want your teens reading about sex in pool showers, blow jobs, and sneaking out at night, this book probably isn’t for your family.  I’d say if you judge John Green’s books for drugs, sex, and booze, you’d struggle here too.

Did it bother me?  Nope.  Would I recommend this to teens at the library?  Yup.

The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy Is Not Your Average YA Book

What I appreciate even more is that The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy is not your typical 300-page YA book.  That sounds shallow, right?! But at 159-pages, I am so grateful that Shore doesn’t follow the typical formula.  I am so tired of too long YA books or the standard recipe for a 300-350 deal.  Truly.  We are all not Janet Evanovich.

The length of the novel is more poetic too: the book is a small snippet of just the summer…that may or may not continue into the fall.  Hmmm…  Equally important, Shore doesn’t feel the need to alternate every other chapter between fall and summer:  For a while you get more summer and then you flash forward to the fall.  Less contrived, I love that Shore obliterates current trending YA novel styles.

What made me extra warm and fuzzy inside was just the feel-good, wholesomeness of the book and Anna and Jeremy’s relationship.  The story is relatable, sweet, and one that engrosses you completely.  You feel like you are reliving your youth.  You cheer for them.  Their relationship is believable and easy to watch.  Their adoration is healthy.

If you are looking for a short, contemporary YA read that snuggles your soul and sprouts a yogic smile, most definitely pick up The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy ASAP.

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The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy Summary

About The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy Author, Jennifer Ann Shore

Jennifer Ann Shore is an Amazon bestselling author who recently moved to Seattle, Washington with her family.  She has worked in journalism, publishing, and marketing and wrote The Extended Summer Of Anna And Jeremy in EIGHT DAYS like a champ.  You could never tell, though.  Learn more about Jennifer Ann Shore.

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Rachel @ Never Enough Novels

Wednesday 18th of September 2019

That's so cool that it's set in PA! Makes me want to read it even more. I'm all for a shorter book too. No need to fill up 300 pages if you can tell an amazing story in less!


Thursday 19th of September 2019

I totally forgot that you are PA-based. I was just talking with Jennifer about a 'books set in PA' book list too. I see another collab post in our future. I toured Philly in college, and I think I visited Hershey in high school--that's all I got for my PA vacations, though.

Kathy | Tasty Itinerary

Tuesday 17th of September 2019

And omg, I was working on editing my cruise prep post when it hit me, I have not commented on this amazing book review. Here I am for a little break because I didn't realize the cruise prep post is a doozy and needs a lot of attention. I AM SO PSYCHED FOR THIS BOOK! I CAN NOT WAIT to be on my next cruise, sitting by the pool reading The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy. Your review is amazing and only gets me more excited to read. I am so ready for a young adult romance and I love that there is cereal involved.

I am also so IN LOVE with this cover. Seriously, the designer needs to make Jenn some t-shirts lol


Thursday 19th of September 2019

It's so funny because I know that you are STILL working on that cruise prep post too.

I cannot wait to hear what you think of this one, and I cannot believe that your upcoming vacation is here sooooo soon. You better have Wifi--that you really shouldn't be on--to talk to me. The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy definitely made me feel like my summer was extended, which makes the book a fab vacation read. The cereal is SO freaking sweet.

I WANT A T-SHIRT. You and Jennifer can go in together on them. Hehe. Or a cute hat with cereal all over...sitting in a bowl!

Lauren Elena

Tuesday 17th of September 2019

I like your For Conservative Families section. I don’t consider myself conservative at all and then I’m like, Blowjobs, oh my! Are teens doing this these days? Jk. I know they are! ??‍♀️ I was the shyest, most innocent teenager ever. I need to redo my teen years! Can I at least get kissed!? Come on!!!

I can’t believe she wrote a book in 8 days!! That’s amazing and inspiring! I still need to read New Wave too. I love YA books and this one sounds fun and romantic. The family dynamics at play also probably make it a compelling read.

I’m going to add it to my, what are the kids calling it...? My TBR!! ? Thanks for sharing!


Thursday 19th of September 2019

AHAHA, I was a pretty shy and innocent teen too...well, sorta. If you compare me to Riverdale my life was SUPER boring. Those kiddos hump like rabbits.

When you come to Asheville for a trip or I am in NYC, I will share all of my books with you. I am still waiting for the sequel to New Wave if you are reading this JENNIFER lol.

TBR sounds like Taco Break Right [now] to me. ; )

Macey @ Brine & Books

Monday 16th of September 2019

Okay, now I really want to read this book. I don't read much modern YA, but this sounds like it's a good deviation from the "standard recipe" as you so aptly put it. So, the flashbacks. Am I correct in assuming that this story is told in a non-linear fashion?! I love that; I think it builds suspense, and books like that tend to keep me hooked. Definitely adding this one to my TBR, I wanna read a good, wholesome YA romance/coming of age book!


Monday 16th of September 2019

Hey, Macey!! The Extended Summer of Anna and Jeremy is definitely not your standard YA recipe. The story alternates from the summer to the current fall--so nonlinear but not super far apart. It's also well done so the plot isn't confusing and flows nicely. I don't love storylines where I cannot figure out where the heck I am. This one is super sweet and a little sexy.