16 Terrific Books About Switzerland

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Are you looking for books set in Switzerland to read before going? Discover the best books about Switzerland to spark your wanderlust and teach you more.

Heading to Switzerland, we could not wait to see those white snow-capped mountains next to vibrant blue lakes.

Rumors of the expensive country did not detract us. We craved fresh mountain air, gorgeous vistas, and Swiss wine.

Before flying to Europe, we wanted to read the best books on Switzerland to teach us more.

Einstein’s Dreams helped better educate us about his life and theories before we toured Einstein’s Bern residence.

And like Mark Twain in one of the most famous classic Switzerland books, A Tramp Abroad, we had to see the Lion Monument in Lucerne.

Below, discover the best books about Switzerland that inspired our Swiss vacation and will hopefully enhance yours.

Of course, “best” is subjective, and we also asked some of our favorite bookworms and bloggers to share the best books set in Switzerland that they recommend.

We’d love to hear your favorites in the comments. Let’s get started!

Read even more books set across Europe.

Books About Switzerland and Books Set in Switzerland with photo of Swiss Alps with caps of snow and green field with purple and white flowers
Travel to Europe with the best books about Switzerland to teach you more.

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Best Books About Switzerland

The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer book cover with man in orange clothes climbing a snow covered mountainPin

The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer

Biography | Climbing & Mountaineering
December 2004
Summary from Dagney of the dark media blog, Dark Distractions

The North Face of Eiger Mountain in Switzerland is considered one of the most dangerous ascents in mountaineering.

In 1938, Heinrich Harrer was part of the team that made the first successful ascent of the North Face route. It took them three days.

Before their ascent, two teams had attempted and tragedy had befallen them. 

The White Spider is an account of both Harrer’s team’s own achievement, as well as those who came both before and after – some who made it, and others who did not. 

For books about Switzerland, The White Spider is perfect for readers who love non-fiction adventure stories.

Read The White Spider: Amazon | Goodreads

Choucas by Zofia Nałkowska book cover with black birds on pale yellow backgroundPin

Choucas by Zofia Nałkowska

Translated in English by Ursula Phillips
Literary Fiction
May 2014

One of the lesser-known books set in Switzerland and another recommendation from Dagney, travel to a sanatorium in the Swiss Alps in the 1920s.

The title, “Choucas,” is derived from a French word for a species of bird that is native to Switzerland. The birds are symbolic for the characters in the story.

A Polish woman chronicles visitors to the village, the sanatorium patients, and their interactions. Characters represent varying political and religious views.

It’s suggested that parts of the novel are based on the author’s experiences of staying in a sanatorium in Leysin, Switzerland in 1925.

Zofia Nalkowska (1884–1954) is a celebrated feminist Polish novelist and playwright.

Read Choucas: Amazon | Goodreads

Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman book cover with white bird in a cagePin

Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman

Literary Fiction
Published in 1992

You cannot head to Switzerland without reading more about Einstein.

Einstein’s Dreams is a classic book about Switzerland that walks you through Einstein’s greatest theories paired with the backdrop of the Swiss Alps.

With scenes from Lucerne and Berne (or Bern), Lightman imbues time, relativity, and physics with human qualities. Through everyday actions, we watch Einstein’s theories come to life.

Einstein and Besso even make appearances in the interludes.

Einstein House in Bern SwitzerlandPin
In Bern, visit Einstein’s residence where he lived for 2 years and developed his Theory of Relativity.

Imagine a world with no future, or instead, a world that moves in an endless circular nature. What if we only had the present or no past? How would we live?

Slightly obscure but beautifully written, you can finish Einstein’s Dreams in a few short hours. Our tattered library copy proudly wore its age with a due date slip still intact.

Read Einstein’s Dreams: Amazon | Goodreads

Swiss Watching by Diccon Bewes book cover with photos of Switzerland like watches and the Swiss alps with a red tint over themPin

Swiss Watching by Diccon Bewes

Nonfiction Switzerland Travel Guides
September 2018

One of the best nonfiction books about Switzerland, Swiss Watching talks about what makes the country so unique as well as misunderstood.

As we road tripped around the country, we quickly learned about the multiple languages and cultures that shape different parts of the country. It’s pretty amazing.

You clearly feel the shift from French-speaking Switzerland into German-speaking territory. We did not make it down to the more Italian side.

Bewes smashes Swiss stereotypes and points out that there is so much more than what we see or know on the surface to this landlocked but tiny and special country.

Read Swiss Watching: Amazon | Goodreads

Her Husband's Secrets by Louise Mangos book cover with woman wearing a red coat and looking into snowy AlpsPin

Her Husband’s Secrets by Louise Mangos

Psychological Thriller
June 2019

CW: Domestic Abuse

Known previously as The Art of Deception, Her Husband’s Secrets by Louise Mangos is one of the best contemporary books about Switzerland, especially if you are interested in reading about international prison systems.

If you enjoyed Orange Is The New Black, you’ll also eat up this novel, which is both a thriller and a mystery.

Lucie is on her way to the Greek islands when she meets Matt, a sexy ski instructor. 

Young and blinded by love, Lucie goes all in for Matt — even though the community warns her that he has a troubled past.

You know that something has gone very wrong for Lucie since the novel starts out with her sitting in a Swiss prison and Matt dead. How did this happen? Is Lucie innocent?

Author Lousie Mangos grew up in the UK but has spent half of her life residing in the Swiss Alps.

Read Her Husband’s Secrets: Amazon | Goodreads

A Tramp Abroad Mark Twain Penguin Classics book cover with man in a top hat and lady in a large blue dressPin

A Tramp Abroad by Mark Twain

Autobiographical Fiction & Travelogue Classic
Published in 1880

For more classic books on Switzerland, Mark Twain’s A Tramp Abroad is a famous and hilarious travelogue.

Twain ‘tramps’ across Eastern and Southern Europe to countries including Switzerland, Germany, and France.

A Tramp Abroad is both fictional and autobiographical. Overall, you’ll find Twain’s tone quite comical and observant.

In Switzerland, Twain hikes the Swiss Alps and shares his time in Lucerne and Interlaken.

Lion Monument in Lucerne SwitzerlandPin
Mark Twain said that this dying lion was “the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world.” You can find the Lion Monument in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Twain is a brilliant and judgmental people-watcher. He puts a spin on what he sees and offers up unsolicited commentary human nature. There might even be some tall tales…

Tourists and their funny actions are his favorite subjects.

Gain an appreciation and respect for the treacherous mountains since Twain loves sharing stories of travelers’ untimely demise.

Read A Tramp Abroad: Amazon | Goodreads

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Best Books Set In Switzerland

A Castle In The Clouds by Kerstin Gier book cover with illustrated Swiss hotel and young red haired maidPin

A Castle In The Clouds by Kerstin Gier

Translated into English by Romy Fursland
YA Suspense & Thriller
January 2020 (U.S.)

For incredibly sweet and quirky YA novels set in Switzerland, A Castle In The Clouds will make you laugh out loud and fall in love with Sophie Spark.

A high school dropout who knows that school just isn’t her jam, Sophie is the new hotel intern. Like many internships, she is tasked with pretty much everything, including childcare.

It’s the Christmas and New Year holiday season, meaning all of the wealthiest guests are staying for the week, including their well-bred pooches and million-dollar diamonds.

Something isn’t quite right, though, and it seems as though a criminal or two is after something precious — diamonds and children.

Can Sophie grow into her new role while falling in love and saving the day? Her gaggle of sweet friends will melt your heart in these chilly Swiss Alps.

For the best light-hearted Switzerland books, A Castle In The Clouds will also appeal to readers who love stories with haunted houses, especially once you meet the immortal Forbidden Cat and some helpful spirits.

Find even more winter-themed books.

Read A Castle In The Clouds: Amazon | Goodreads

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse book cover with gray hued hotel with mountains behind itPin

The Sanatorium by Sarah Pearse

Murder Mystery | Thriller
February 2021

If you love a good murder mystery that’s both atmospheric and creepy, Pearse’s The Sanatorium is sure to give you nightmares, especially with murderers wearing re-configured gas masks.

This once TB-curing sanatorium — with an ominous and controversial past — is now a coveted architectural beauty in the Swiss Alps. Unfortunately, the lead architect went missing years ago.

As Elin Warner heads to Le Sommet for her brother’s engagement party, she is faced with the brutal truth from her traumatic past along with mysterious disappearances and what appears to be an emerging serial killer.

When an avalanche traps a group of guests at the hotel, Elin is forced to investigate the murders — even though she has taken time off from her U.K. detective job.

Of course, she’s now the killer’s prime target. Can she solve the crime before it’s too late?

For thriller books about Switzerland, The Sanatorium reminds travelers of the dangers hiding in the Swiss Alps. Don’t get trapped at an eerie hotel in an avalanche-prone area.

Read more books set at hotels — some just as creepy as Le Sommet and others more benign.

Read The Sanatorium: Amazon | Goodreads

Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum book cover with white button up shirtPin

Hausfrau by Jill Alexander Essbaum

Psychological Fiction | Women’s Fiction
April 2015
Summary from Hayley of Backpacking Bookworm

In Essbaum’s Hausfrau, American ex-pat Anna Benz lives with her husband and three children in an affluent suburb in Zurich.

Her life might look perfect from the outside, but Anna is struggling to adapt to the Swiss way of life.

Anna seeks solace in the arms of other men, initiating brief sexual affairs as a coping mechanism. But, her system fails when an unimaginable tragedy occurs leaving Anna more alone than ever.

She must face her mistakes head-on, and there’s only one way she can do it. If you are looking for more intense books set in Switzerland, Hausfrau is for you.

Read Hausfrau: Amazon | Goodreads

The Finishing School by Joanna Goodman book cover with young brunette girl looking out at Swiss mountainsPin

The Finishing School by Joanna Goodman

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
April 2017
Submission from bookstagrammer, Jennia.

Twenty years ago, Kersti’s best friend and roommate, Cressida, fell from a fourth-story balcony at their prestigious Swiss boarding school.

The event has been confined to the back of Kersti’s mind, lurking like a sleeping bear waiting to be disturbed, until she receives a startling letter from another of her former school friends.

The letter serves as a catalyst, igniting Kersti’s obsession with unraveling the most minute of details in a desperate attempt to unearth what really happened to Cressida.

Kersti’s amateur sleuthing exhumes layers of secrets that have been hidden for decades by students and teachers alike, each revelation chipping away at the polished veneer of the exclusive school.

Those hoping to be regaled with bucolic Swiss imagery in The Finishing School will be disappointed since the setting merely serves as a barely sketched in the background.

However, the story sells itself thanks to Kersti’s admirable, unrelenting search for the truth and the plentiful, though often unsettling, bombshells.

Read even more books set at boarding schools on our dark academia reading list.

Read The Finishing School: Amazon | Goodreads

And Both Were Young by Madeleine L'Engle book cover with couple holding hands and walking through the snowPin

And Both Were Young by Madeleine L’Engle

Classic Fiction
Published in 1949
Submission from Mel of TravelingMel

And Both Were Young is a sweet and fun read about an American girl, Flip, who attends a boarding school in Switzerland in 1949.

Initially, Flip doesn’t fit in and desperately misses her father.

Through cross-country skiing and falling for a French boy–who lost his memory due to wartime trauma–Flip comes into her own. She heals both physically and spiritually.

As an avid Nordic skier and mountain lover, I am thrilled with novels set in Switzerland that highlight the joy, beauty, and redemption offered by both.

I read this novel while gazing out at the snowy Jung Frau and Eiger peaks, which made it even easier to picture the Swiss landscape.

Read And Both Were Young: Amazon | Goodreads

Heidi by Johanna Spyri book cover with mountains, blonde haired girl, and pink flowersPin

Heidi by Johanna Spyri

Children’s Classics
Published in 1880
Submission from frequent TUL book list contributor, Rachael of Booklist Queen

When you think about books set in Switzerland, the children’s classic Heidi is the first book to come to mind.

Set in the picturesque Alps, Johanna Spyri’s idolized version of pastoral life tells of a little orphan girl sent to live with her grandfather high up in the mountains.

Heidi quickly wins her grandfather’s heart and becomes a favorite among the villagers.

Later, Heidi convinces her invalid friend Clara to move to the mountains, and the fresh mountain air eventually restores her health.

Heidi is a sweet little tale that will get you in the perfect mood for a relaxing trip in the Swiss Alps.

Read Heidi: Amazon | Goodreads

Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David WyssPin

Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss

Classic Fiction | Adventure Fiction
Published in 1812

If you are looking for classic books with Swiss characters, you of course already know about The Swiss Family Robinson, which isn’t just a ride at Disney World.

Although technically not a book set in Switzerland with the climate being a bit more tropical, you’ll love this adventurous and optimistic Swiss family.

A Swiss pastor, his wife, and their four children land shipwrecked on a deserted island.

Surviving off of the land, they build a treehouse and fight for survival in both a beautiful and deadly exotic new world.

Watch as their faith and bravery are tested as they recreate their own little life.

Read Swiss Family Robinson: Amazon | Goodreads

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley book cover with picture of green monster headPin

Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

Classic Literature
Published in 1818

Did you know that most of Shelley’s Frankenstein takes place in Geneva, Switzerland? We flew in and out of Geneva, home to Frankenstein himself.

One of the best classic horror books of all time, watch as an effort to cheat death goes completely awry. Imagine a grotesque and tragic science experiment that becomes out of control.

When Victor creates a Creature that he can no longer handle or contain, he decides to abandon him.

The lonely Creature learns to take on true human capabilities but is consistently shunned from society Ultimately, the Creature decides to take revenge on his maker and tormentors.

For books set in Switzerland, Frankenstein is a must.

Read Frankenstein: Amazon | Goodreads

Hotel du Lac by Anita Brookner book cover with a shadowed woman walking down a pathwayPin

Hotel Du Lac by Anita Brookner

Literary Satire Fiction
Published in 1984

If you enjoy popular hotel-set books, be sure to pick up Brookner’s Hotel Du Lac.

Edith Hope is a romance novelist whose life starts to look like her own plots. She flees to Switzerland for some TLC where instead of finding relaxation is met with a little more humorous romance situation.

Read Hotel Du Lac: Amazon | Goodreads

Bloomability by Sharon Creech book cover with young girl sitting on a hill looking at town and Swiss AlpsPin

Bloomability by Sharon Creech

Children’s Fiction
Published in 1998

Dinnie is used to moving around from state to state.

However, this time, her aunt and uncle take her away to a private international school in Lugano, Switzerland.

As if school isn’t hard enough, Dinnie must adjust to the different environment, culture, and languages.

Read Bloomability: Amazon | Goodreads

Save Your Favorite Switzerland Books For Later:

Switzerland Books and Books On Switzerland Pinterest pin with photo of Swiss Alps with mountains covered with snow on top and green field with purple and white flowers and book covers for A Castle in the Clouds, Swiss Watching, Her Husband's Secrets, The Finishing School, Heidi, The Sanatorium, The White Spider, and both were youngPin
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What are you favorite books on Switzerland?

Are you headed to Switzerland? Or, have you visited Switzerland? What are your bucket list sights, and which Swiss cities did you love?

Lastly, have you read any of these books set in Switzerland?

Are there any more Switzerland books you love and recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Love this! Switzerland is SUCH a dream destination for me. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book taking place in Switzerland or by a Swiss author so this list is super helpful.

  2. A lot of friends have recommended Hausfrau to me, and I honestly can’t tell if they’re joking cause it doesn’t seem like my kind of thing AT ALL… haha. I do want to read Einstein’s Dreams, though! It’s been on my TBR for a looooong time!

    You know, I feel like I should reread Frankenstein because I do NOT remember it taking place in Switzerland. I asked Jeremy who read it a few years ago and he was like, “You mean the book where he wanders through the arctic for half the book talking about how depressed he is because he’s a tortured genius?” So I guess we know what stayed with him haha.

    Thanks for letting me contribute, I always like to spread my mountaineering books obsession! Glad you guys loved Switzerland!

    1. NOW I AM EVEN MORE CURIOUS lol!! Hausfrau sounds…unique. Maybe it has dark elements, which is why they are recommending it?

      I do think you will like Einstein’s Dreams. It’s short and oddly poetic. I’m not well-versed in Einstein *anything* so I am curious about the accuracy.

      Haha, gotta love Jeremy. I want to re-read Frankenstein (again) now that I’ve been to Geneva…and didn’t necessarily love that particular Swiss city compared to others.

      Thanks so much for contributing.

  3. I didn’t realize so many classics were set in Switzerland or connected to the country! It makes me want to reread Heidi – I definitely remember liking it a lot when I was a little girl. Switzerland was never really on our radar to visit, but after seeing pictures and updates from your trip, I really want to go now!

    1. Right?! I didn’t know that I had previously read a ton of Switzerland classics, and all of these books were pretty easy to obtain, too. Switzerland was great! It wasn’t a bucket list destination for us, but I am SO glad that we visited.

  4. You know, I don’t think I have read a single book set in Switzerland. I had no idea Frankenstein was set in Switzerland, despite having that book on my TBR for a long time. I can’t say I have plans to visit Switzerland but I can appreciate how beautiful the country is and perhaps one day I will go there. I think reading a mix of classics and contemporary books would give the best look into what the country was like and how it is in modern times.

    1. The craziest thing for me is that I didn’t realize how many books about Switzerland I had read until I started making a list and adding some more to read. When I first read Frankenstein YEARS AGO, I had no idea where it took place. Predominantly Geneva! Who knew!? Switzerland is definitely a little pricey. While we loved it, I’m not sure I’d go back sooner over a few other places first?! The landscape, mountains, and cultures are stunning, though. Yes, I agree! I like seeing a country evolve over time in literature.

  5. I remember reading two, middle-grade, WW2 fiction books set in Switzerland years ago! I love the classics you included; I’ve only read a shorter, adapted version of Heidi before, so I’d love to read the full version soon.

    1. Ahhhhh, do you remember the names of the WW2 books set in Switzerland? I am going to start googling…

      I can’t remember which version of Heidi I’ve read, now that you mention it. I feel like it was pretty short…

  6. Not only do I need to make it to Switzerland to eat some great meat… I can never say no to a great steakhouse. I also, need to read Her Husband’s Secrets, Einstein Dreams and Frankenstein. I had no idea Frankenstein was set in Switzerland.

    Switzerland sounds and looks amazing. I can’t wait to go one day. Although it will most likely be a summer trip for us.

    Looking forward to other Switzerland posts!

    1. When we were in Brazil and Argentina, we met the South American steakhouse. I was hooked!! Have you been to either of those yet?

      Her Husband’s Secrets was only $1 on Amazon the last I checked (Kindle version), which is a great steal! I want to order Mangos’ second book that is also set in Switzerland.

      I almost forget that Frankenstein was set in Geneva, too! Einstein’s Dreams is one you can read in a few read hours–it’s super obscure but oddly poetic? At first, I was like: ughhhhh, but then I was like OOOOHHHHH. lol

      I definitely need to figure out my Switzerland content–there isn’t too much literary tourism to Switzerland, but I do have a few places in mind. I think I’ll do our Switzerland itinerary too. Thanks!

  7. Cool list. I remember Heidi from my childhood. And I read Frankenstein in college and hated it. I think those are the only Switzerland book I’ve read. Your trip sounds like a lot of fun. I’d love to go to Europe someday.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I read Heidi as a child too, and I think I first read Frankenstein in or after college along with Dracula. We had a fabulous trip. Where in Europe would you love to visit first? I want to go to Scotland, Norway, or Hungary next.

    2. Possible slight TMI here…
      I was reading this while snuggled under the covers, trying to block out the fact that I should have been getting ready for work, and also attempting to not wake the significant other.
      That went out the window when I read: ” I didn’t see many Swiss cows, but I sure as heck ate them.”
      I laughed so hard that he kicked me out of bed.

      1. AHAHA, it’s so true, too. We actually debated on vegan that night but somehow landed at the local butchery where you pick your meat and they cook it for you. Meanwhile, I saw maybe TWO cows the entire trip. I am sorry to get you kicked out of bed, though. lol

  8. Fab list, definitely eager to read Her Husband’s Secrets and The Finishing School, both sound right up mu alley. Hope you had incredible trip, you’ve definitely given me wanderlust envy! Thank you for including me in your contribution ?

    1. Thanks so much for contributing–always!! Hausfrau is SO intriguing to me–I’ve never read a book like it. Mangos, author of Her Husband’s Secrets, wasn’t on my radar until a Twitter follower clued me in. You can grab the ebook for $1 on Amazon. We had a fabulous trip–thank you. I am hoping to post a ton of our Switzerland trip on Instagram stories soon. I have SO much content. I think I’ll do a few blog posts too, even though originally I was thinking that I wouldn’t.

  9. Oh goodness! I read this post in high interest, because we moved to Switzerland about eighteen months ago and I haven’t had much luck finding books by Swiss authors or set in Switzerland. You’ve definitely found more books than I did–and thank you!–but what this list drives home to me more than anything is that there really needs to be more authors in Switzerland writing about Switzerland! My hypothesis for the dearth is the difficulty in finding a local market sizeable enough when one country with a relatively small population has so many native languages. And perhaps the publishing industry figures you need a large enough local market before you can even think about a global market? Alas.

    Have a wonderful trip to Switzerland! If you make it down to Lausanne way or nearby (where I’m based), let me know if you need any local tips or want a buddy for coffee one morning!

    1. How is it living in Switzerland?

      I completely agree about the Swiss authors. When I wrote my Iceland book list, I had way more native Icelanders with translated works. For books set in Switzerland, this list relies heavily on travelers and/or authors who live there part-time but weren’t born there. If you find any, please let me know.

      Granted, I am so grateful for any diverse books set around the world written by anyone, but yes, I wonder if the diverse languages play into the publishing market there!? I didn’t realize how diverse it was until we started driving around and watched the languages change on road signs.

      I actually walked into a bookstore looking for Swiss authors translated into English but didn’t see any at this particular store (granted it was in Thun). In Estonia, this is how I grabbed more local and authentic Baltic lit that I couldn’t get at my library or even online.

      We actually just returned from Switzerland–thanks! We did go to Lausanne! We dropped in on our way from Geneva to Interlaken. What a gorgeous little city. We parked near the historic courthouse (I think it was the courthouse), and the views of the lake blew me away. It was a pretty day so people were sitting on the grass having picnics. We dipped into the old Cathedral and had Pho for lunch. I am so bummed to have missed you.

      After that, it snowed like crazy for a few days, but at least we saw Carnival in both Bern and Lucerne. Loved it!

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