5 New Books Perfect For Summer This 2024

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This summer, all I am in the mood for is engaging storylines and buzzy titles from authors I know and love. Ugly dogs. Husband hustles. Librarians. GUP-isms. If you are looking for something to read – full of romance, suspense, and humor – these are my favorite summer books of 2024 (published in 2024!) so far.

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Funny Story by Emily Henry

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It’s the stuff nightmares are made of: On the night of his bachelor party, Daphne’s fiancée Peter leaves her for his best gal pal. Commence the revenge fake dating trope.

Funny Story is my favorite Emily Henry so far, although I have a deep love for my first introduction to Henry, Beach Read. There’s some heavy messaging (and check content warnings), but there’s also sweet romance, a great small-town community, friendship, and a library/librarian. Who doesn’t love a big library event?! Miles tours Daphne around town, showing her how to make a house a home – a reminder I certainly need in my 40s. Love those creative dates too!

Just For The Summer by Abby Jimenez

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It’s the book everyone is talking about this summer 2024. Justin and Emma suffer from the same curse: whoever they date breaks up with them and instantly finds their soulmate. If Justin and Emma date each other and break up, it can only mean their next relationship is it, right?!

What a gorgeous, non-fluff romance novel filled with fun dates, an ugly dog, and inside jokes. In true Jimenez style, don’t expect Just For The Summer to be an escapist beach read. Find intense discussions about the foster care system, childhood trauma, mental health, dysfunctional families, and abandonment. (Read the author’s content warnings.)

I most love that instead of playing into the traditional fake dating trope, Jimenez gives it dimension, taking it off the tracks, adding meaning, showing its flaws, and allowing the characters to grow and realize their truths. There are no endless assumptions of “Does the other person like me now” and self-sabotaging from there. Plus, while it’s great to read the entire Part Of Your World series in order, the books can be read as standalones (I read them out of order and survived).

The Husbands by Holly Gramazio

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A never-ending supply of husbands coming out of your attic when you aren’t even married? Send him back up once you get tired or if you don’t like him. Huh.

Let’s get down to some important business: Why doesn’t Lauren just lock the attic so no more husbands come out?! Also, for all of Lauren’s picky skepticism, she sure AF starts banging a lot of the husbands, immediately. Get it, girl?! I dunno… I just DON’T KNOW. Not to mention, I’d ditch the open-mouth chewer immediately.

If you follow me on Goodreads, you know I 3-starred this one. I enjoyed The Husbands, minus the pacing, and it’s different. I would have loved more growth and learning for Lauren, but I also respected the husband hustle. Read it, and tell me what you think. I have no regrets.

Kill For Me Kill For You by Steve Cavanagh

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Well, Kill For Me Kill For You was one wild ride of a summer serial killer book (filled with trigger warnings, especially violence against children). Inspired by Strangers On A Train – the original movie creeped me out – two women decide to swap murders. What could go wrong?

I don’t usually manage to guess multiple twists so early on, but it happened. However, that didn’t make the book any less suspenseful or engaging. Originally, I was worried about a male author writing so much violence against women – but let’s just say, that quickly changes. I ate this one right up, even though it’s not my normal read. For 2024 summer books, this one will keep you turning those pages.

The Guncle Abroad by Steven Rowley

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You know I have a thing for middle-aged protagonists, and Gay Uncle Patrick is about to turn 50. He’s on duty once again, this time in London, Paris, Salzburg, and Italy, helping Maise and Grant process their dad’s upcoming wedding. I would start with the original, The Guncle, before picking up this one.

Like Abby Jimenez, Ali Hazelwood, Katherine Center, and Emily Henry, Steven Rowley is a must-read author for me with The Celebrants as my favorite so far. The Guncle Abroad is filled with GUP’s rules, “uncle-isms,” and now love languages covering periods, canceling J.K. Rowling, travel, and not being built with wine in us (I surprisingly loved Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages nonfiction bestseller, the inspiration here). As someone also in a brand new decade, I feel for Patrick as he leads by example but also has to deal with his inner shit, memories, and grief. I’ve missed Patrick, and am glad he is back. Plus, who doesn’t love Italy books?

More Summer Books In My Queue:

Just a few more buzzy titles in my 2024 summer reading pile that I cannot wait to review (some are releasing as late as August):

Bonus 2024 Summer Reading Challenge

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What are you reading and loving this summer?

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