27 Best Hilariously Fun Drinking Board Games

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What are the best drinking board games? Have hilariously fun get-togethers with these drinking games for adults.

What can you do on a rainy weekend with friends or family while you are stuck at home?

In our household, we love playing card and board games, whether there are just two of us or we are entertaining.

We also love to shake up a good cocktail or pour a glass of the bubbly. So, why not combine our nerdy hobbies with some drinks?

And let’s face it, we also like to level out the competition. We all have that one annoying friend who we adore but always kicks our board game-loving butts.

Below, find some of the best drinking board games for adults. Uncover trivia, card games, DIY games, and new takes on games that you might already have lying around. We like to keep it cheap and easy.

Plus, who knew that so many drunk board games already come packaged up just for this occasion?

And, we’ll share a few other drinking games for adults – beer pong and darts included.

Get ready to enter a delicious and fun rabbit hole you’ll never want to leave. Let’s get started!

Best Drinking Board Games For Adults with game pieces like dice and chessPin
Are you looking for some of the best drinking board games for adults? Look no further than your own game closet or online. Have a fun casual get-together at home today.

Please drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

Remember that this adult drinking games post is intended for readers of legal drinking age based on your country’s regulations (21+ in the United States).

Alcohol consumption is not required for any of these board games. Many games we modified to be drinking board games. Feel free to substitute juice, water, or soda.

Don’t miss our favorite word board games too!

27 Best Drinking Board Games For Your Next Party

1. Drunk Jenga

Players: Two to four players are ideal
Bevie: Vodka, tequila, or just a sip of gin or whiskey

Who doesn’t love Jenga or Giant Jenga?

Back in our librarian days, we received a $100 gift card for being Employee of the Month. Guess what we bought…

Giant Jenga! Well, giant stacking blocks since “Jenga” is trademarked.

So, what is adult Jenga besides the easiest drinking board game, ever? Grab a permanent marker and get writing.

Each block should have a hidden drinking task that is revealed once you pull it out of the stack. “Take a shot!”

You could also construct your own tower from wood like our friends. However, if this is too much work, keep reading.

2. Drunken Tower

Players: Two to four players
Bevie: Vodka or tequila

If you don’t want to write on your kids’ Jenga set, you can also purchase a pre-made drinking board game like Drunken Tower.

Some blocks have hidden drinking challenges on them while others are blank to give you a break. Of course, you can write on those too.

And, know that each year, gaming companies create different versions of drunk towers. You might also enjoy Ultimate Party Tower where you pull a colored block and pick a matching command card.

Buzzed Blocks Adult Drinking Game is also extremely popular and receives top reviews. Forty of the 54 blocks have drinking rules on them.

Save These Adult Drinking Board Games For Later:

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Host the best boozy parties and game nights. Save these adult drinking board games for later, and never be bored at home.

3. Cards Against Humanity

Players: Four to eight people can play, although they say a lot more
Bevie: Either a shot of your choosing or a sip of wine or a cocktail

One of our personal favorite classic card games that you can easily turn into a drunk board game includes Cards Against Humanity.

Cards Against Humanity is an adult-only game. Find endless dark humor. Even though we have played this one with our parents, you still might find yourself blushing.

A player places down a black card that has fill-in-the-blanks. Everyone else tries to match a white card that is the funniest and best response.

One of the examples on the box is: “Dude, do not go in that bathroom, there is a [blank] in there.” People might put down something like “gloryholes” or much worse… For some, this game may be triggering.

So, how do you make Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples drinking board games, you ask? If your card totally falls flat, drink!

4. Apples To Apples

Players: Four to eight people can play comfortably
Bevie: Either a shot of your choosing or a sip of wine or a cocktail

Apples to Apples is the same concept as Cards Against Humanity but is slightly less traumatizing. Find a more PG drinking board game without the blanks.

One player places down a green card with a descriptive word on it. Everyone else is holding 5 red cards that are usually nouns.

You have to try to put together the best and most hilarious combination. If your card isn’t selected, drink!

5. Drunk Twister

Players: At least 2 players are required for Twister
Bevie: A shot of vodka will do

We are not sure if you technically count Twister as a ‘board’ game, but we do.

Twister is all about using a spinner and placing your body part on the right color circle until you fall over. And you will fall over.

This one is pretty obvious, but you can easily play Twister as usual, and whoever falls drinks. Of course, the fun really starts in Round 5… You could also doctor up your spinner…

6. Drunk Monopoly

Players: There are 8 tokens, one for each player
Bevie: This one is all up to you, but we think sophisticated Manhattans and Old Fashioneds sound fabulous.

Did you know that there is a Monopoly board game called Unicorn vs Llamas?

Monopoly is some truly jacked-up version of the American Dream, or so we think. Why not make it more interesting?

As Hasbro advertises, “Buy, sell, dream, and scheme your way to riches.” You roll the dice, move your player around the board, buy up property, and charge the heck out of people.

How can you make Monopoly into an adult drinking board game? Designate spots on the board to be drinking triggers like ‘go to jail’ or if someone has a hotel there.

However, there is also a shorter and less official version by the Imagination Gaming Store called, Drunk-opoly. This is a quick game played with shots for up to 8 players.

7. Shot Glass Tic Tac Toe

Players: 2 at a time because this is Tic Tac Toe
Bevie: Tequila or vodka would easily work

We’ve definitely gifted shot glass Tic Tac Toe before, and we have no regrets.

Shot glass Tic Tac Toe is essentially a down-and-dirty adulting drinking board game that you might only want to play once or more slowly.

You can devise your own rules where the loser drinks or if you both lose, bottoms up. Better yet, pace yourself and only down one shot per match to make the game last longer.

We’d personally swap liquor for something like beer.

8. Drink-A-Palooza

Players: Two to twelve people can play; you can form teams
Bevie: While the game claims that it is not intended for alcohol, grab your plastic cups from college and pour a cheap mixed drink like vodka and cranberry or OJ and vodka.

Drink-A-Palooza is the ultimate adult drinking board game. Find Pong, Kings Cup, Flip Cup, and Quarters all in one.

You get ping-pong balls, a deck of cards, dice, and game pieces. You do not need your own ping-pong table.

Players navigate the board and compete in mini-challenges to fill their six-pack.

9. Buzzed

Players: Buzzed is designed for three to twenty players
Bevie: Grab a beer or glass of wine

Buzzed is one of the simplest 21+ drinking board games. Draw one of the 250+ cards, and do what the card says. “If you drink milk with your meals, take a drink.”

10. Unstable Unicorns

Players: Two to eight people can play Unstable Unicorns
Bevie: Your choice

“Build a Unicorn Army. Betray your friends. Unicorns are your friends now.”

Did you know that Unstable Unicorns won the 2019 People’s Choice Award for Toy of the Year? Is that even a real thing?

For adult drinking games, Unstable Unicorns boasts of having both drinking and stripping add-on rules.

The goal is to collect 7 unicorns in your Stable while you build and protect it. At the same time, you must sabotage your opponents.

11. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Players: These Cards Will Get You Drunk is perfect for two to eight players
Bevie: Beer, wine, or shots will work here

If you are looking for another adult drinking card game, try These Cards Will Get You Drunk. Like Buzzed, take turns drawing a card and do what it says.

For example: “Everyone votes on who is the most indecisive. That person picks someone to drink.”

12. Sotally Tober Drinking Games for Adults

Players: A minimum of four players is recommended
Bevie: Drink of your choice

Don’t miss Sotally Tober. Draw one of the five types of cards from the deck.

Orange cards indicate something you must perform. Green cards give you ‘special abilities.’

Blue cards are meant to make you uncomfortable, yellow cards showcase your hidden talents, and red cards involve the group.

13. Drinking Dice

Players: Unlimited
Bevie: Whatever you wish but make it light

If you are looking for an easy adult drinking board game that is super cost-effective and has no instructions, grab some drinking dice.

You could also pair these dice with other adult drinking board games or at least have a funny Secret Santa gift. Only 2 dice are included in each package.

14. I’ve Never… Bar Cards

Players: Suggested 2-10 people
Bevie: Your favorite drink

The reviews on I’ve Never are hilarious with some claiming that this fun drinking board game is too raunchy. Others are bored with the PG-ness. It’s the internet…

Grab your favorite drink. Answer cards with questions, including some truth and dare challenges.

You are guaranteed to get to know your friends much better after this one.

15. Do Or Drink

Players: 2+
Bevie: Drink of choice but something you can drink a lot of

Perfect for parties, Do or Drink contains 350+ hilariously funny and sometimes completely inappropriate cards filled with dares. This drinking game for adults is not for introverts.

There are multiple extension packs, and you will find cards with tasks like “Tell a joke. If nobody laughs or chuckles, you must drink twice.”

Personally, we’d prefer not to run around in our underwear…

16. Blackout Trivia

Players: 2+
Bevie: Drink of choice like cocktails, wine, or beer

From the makers of Do or Drink, test your random knowledge skills with one of the best drinking board games for trivia lovers.

With Blackout Trivia, find different cards with trivia as well as embarrassing challenges with over 500 cards in total.

If you run out, purchase their expansion packs too, some of which are Social Media, Singles, Couples, LGBT+, and bachelorette-themed.

17. Tipsy Chicken

Players: Designed for 3-9 people
Bevie: Shots & Chasers

Another risky card game, Tipsy Chicken offers cards with dares. If you complete the dare, you get a GOAT reward card and keep the DARE card for points.

If you chicken out, you get a CHICKEN card. The first player with 13 points wins.

Unlike some of the more cutthroat adult drinking board games on this list, there are sober options too.

Be prepared to eat food off of your neighbor’s arm or show all of the pictures on your phone.

18. Power Struggle

Players: 2-8 Players
Bevie: Drink of choice

Power Struggle is a strategic game where you are trying to get rid of your cards to become President. As President, you pick from the RULE cards and dictate what other players must do.

Each round lasts about 5-10 minutes, and you’ll play a minimum of 5-7 rounds.

19. Truth Or Drink

Players: 2-8 People
Bevie: A nice stiff drink

Drinking and dares are obviously a theme with many adult drinking board games.

A twist on a classic, with Truth or Drink, either take a drink or be prepared to drop some truth bombs.

This drunk board game is recommended for white elephant parties and…first dates?! Yea… They also host a hit YouTube series Truth or Drink.

20. Brew-Opoly

Players: 2-6
Bevie: Specifically for beer lovers

While you don’t necessarily have to drink for this adult board game, if you love beer, you’ll enjoy Brew-Opoly. There is both a traditional and a one-hour version.

Like Monopoly, buy or trade beers and increase your property value through the acquisition of brewpubs and microbreweries. This game is a nod to the smaller craft brewers.

And, if you enjoy a good craft beer as much as we do and are an avid reader or curious drinker, be sure to head over to our Books For Beer Drinkers reading list. Find books about beer making and consumption.

21. Trunk of Drunk

Players: 2-20
Bevie: Any delicious red cup cocktail

Trunk of Drunk is the ultimate drinking game for adults with 12 classic party games. Find Beer Pong, Ring of Fire, I Have Never, Most Likely, Flip Cup, 21’s, Arrogance, and Screw The Dealer. 

This is the perfect party starter and icebreaker that also comes with an easy-to-follow rulebook and makes for a great novelty gift.

22. Prosecco Pong

Players: 2+
Bevie: Champagne or Prosecco

If you are looking for gifts for Champagne lovers, Prosecco Pong is a must.

This is also a fun drinking game for a bachelorette/bachelor party, bubbly night in, birthday celebration, bridal shower, or New Year’s Eve celebration.

Divide your group into two even teams. Stand across from each other at a table behind a set of filled Prosecco glasses. Try to bounce a ball into the glasses of the opposing team.

If the ball lands in a glass, they drink. The first team to clear their opponents’ champagne glasses wins the game. Easy peasy.

Pair this gift or drinking party game with these terrific books for wine lovers, professional and amateur. Travel to vineyards, and learn more about wine regions and varietals.

23. Dunzo

Players: 2-10 players
Bevie: Shots

Dunzo is for all of you shot-takers out there. This is also a version of drunk Uno – but of course, trademark.

Skip. Reverse. Draw two cards. Take a shot. But for adults!

Score points by being the first player to get rid of all of your cards. The first person to get 500 points wins.

And yes, you must shout “Dunzo” when you have one card remaining.

24. Yard Pong

Players: 2+
Bevie: Beer or punch

Growing up, we had the best old-fashioned land darts (that they don’t make anymore because they had seriously sharp ends). It was more fun being a kid in the 90s…

If you love beer pong, don’t miss this newest take, Yard Pong.

Fill up your bucket. Take turns throwing the ball into the opponent’s bucket to get them out.

25. Shot Glass Darts

Players: 2-4 is best
Bevie: Shots

These Shot Glass Darts make for the perfect game night for adults. “Aim carefully, or the next shot is yours to drink.”

It’s that easy. Just keep in mind this dartboard is best for hotel rooms or up against a wall. Find more of the best dart board drinking games for adults to play.

26. Risk It or Drink It

Players: Group of friends
Bevie: Beer, wine, or a sippable cocktail

With simple rules, take turns drawing a card and do what it says. Complete the dare or answer the question to keep the card.

Every card has a value, and whoever reaches 10 points first, wins. This drinking board game is that easy!

Plus, Risk It or Drink It is sure to make you laugh. Get to know people better, and find yourself some interesting situations.

27. Tipsy Land

Players: Up to 8 movers
Bevie: Any fun party drink – and best to mix it up among players

If you loved the classic Candy Land as a child, you might just smirk at Tipsy Land. For adult drinking board games, this one is cutesy and colorful but still 21+.

Pick your colored mover, roll the dice, and move across the board. Land on a square and complete the prompt.

Commands are full of silly dares, confessions, competitions with your partygoers, and, of course, drinks

A few prompts: lowest phone battery drinks, call your mom, staring contest, beer drinkers drink, and drink if you have a tattoo.

This board is splash resistant and the cards are waterproof, just in case…

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What Other Drinking Games For Adults Do You Love?

What are some of the best drinking board games that you’ve played or created? Is there a drinking board game that we are missing that you absolutely love? Or, are there any adult games that have bored you to tears? No pun intended. Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hey Christine! I created a drinking board game and would love to get your advice on how I may appear on brilliant blogs like your own! Thanks so much in advance for any help you’re able to give 🙂


  2. Well as you know we don’t do booze in my house anymore, but we do love our Jenga and Monopoly. We used to have a game night at our house in NY and play Balderdash a ton. That was one of our favorites. Have you heard of it? These days, we really don’t play many games. We were once invited to play Settlers of Catan and we aren’t nerdy enough for it, HA.

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