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72 Best Bubbly Gifts For Champagne Lovers

Champagne gifts and best gifts for champagne lovers with purple bow and pink champagne bottle
Are you looking for the best gifts for Champagne lovers? Crack out the bubbly, plan holiday parties, and clink your glass to these fun and practical Champagne gifts.

Do you have a special friend or family member who loves to pop the bubbly? Or maybe you are that friend…

Perfect for all occasions and holidays, you’ll love this Champagne lovers’ gift guide. Find creative and funny Champagne gifts such as socks, Prosecco pong, and wine condoms as well as Champagne accessories including wine glass charms and gift bags.

We’ll also share essential and classy Champagne glasses, wine coolers, totes, and boozy home decor. Don’t forget those candles, PJs, and coloring books, too.

Plus, these Champagne gift ideas are sure to help your friends and family prepare for their next party, picnic, or a romantic evening at home. You can’t forget Champagne’s cousins like cheese boards, cocktail napkins, dried fruit, and wine glass holders for the bathtub. Maybe that last one is just for me.

Oh, and we even have champagne gifts for the dog.

Gifts For Champagne Lovers Pinterest Pin with gold Champagne bottle, white gift box, and confetti
Shopping for Champagne gifts and need to come back to our gift guide? Save this post for later on Pinterest so your sparkling friends never go thirsty again.

Practical Gifts For Champagne Lovers

Let’s start with the basic gifts for Champagne lovers: stoppers that won’t fly off, bottle coolers and chillers, a saber, and wine kits for when your Champagne needs major life-saving — like on airplanes.

Wine And Champagne Chillers

Although I am not a wine snob, I do like all of my wines and Champagne to be at the correct temperature. No one loves warm Champagne that has gone flat.

If you don’t mind the ice, want the ambiance, and are looking for traditional Champagne accessories, you cannot go wrong with an ice bucket.

Stainless steel quart wine bucket
Champagne accessories like a clear wine bucket

Can’t find ice or don’t want drippy bottles? Why not grab one of these iceless wine coolers that will chill your goods for up to 6 hours?

Gifts For Champagne Lovers Rose Gold Wine Cooler
champagne accessories like a champagne chilling bucket

For our personal home Champagne accessories, we own a wine and beer chilling stick. We also used to drop fake ice cubes into our glasses. I love the sound of replacing them with these sleek chilling drops:

champagne gift ideas like wine chiller stick
wine and champagne chiller drops for champagne flutes

Champagne Stopper

Bottle stoppers are essential gifts for Champagne lovers unless you have really boozy friends. Who needs a stopper if you can drink it all?

I’ve used regular wine stoppers on Champagne. We are fancy like that. Usually, my Champagne goes flat too fast or the cork flies out in the fridge. But they do work…

One of the best Champagne gifts, though, is a stopper with an air-tight seal. Just don’t forget that Champagne bottles are different than many wine bottles — these stoppers might not fit your regular wine bottles.

gifts for champagne lovers seal stopper
practical gifts for champagne lovers steel stopper

Champagne Saber

If you have a fancier Champagne drinker in your life, gift them a Champagne saber. Plus, these just look badass and sommelier official. Maybe pack in some bandages, too, just in case…

best gifts for champagne lovers like a champagne saber

Bubbly Cocktail Recipe Books

Not all of us are natural bartenders. One of the best Champagne gifts is a recipe BOOK. I am The Uncorked Librarian after all…

champagne gifts like a bubbly cocktail recipe book

As a literary cocktail maker, I can’t resist dropping this one here, too:

Tequila Mockingbird Recipe book

Wine & Champagne Mixing Kits

The perfect traveling gifts for Champagne lovers are these mixing kits. I am never one to criticize free booze, but sometimes you just have to spruce up your drink in a pinch.

Alcohol always makes my flights a little more chill, too. Screaming baby? It’s time for the hard stuff.

carry on champagne cocktail making kit
unique gifts for champagne lovers like wine kits including champagne carry on aid
Champagne cocktail mixing kit

Funny Champagne Gift Ideas

If your friends and family have all of the bubbly essentials, it’s time to shop for funny Champagne gifts. Why not invest in some fun gear like socks and mugs to show off your bubbly love?

Coffee Mug Gifts For Champagne Lovers

Coffee mugs and tumblers don’t just save your life, they make you laugh.

Funny Champagne gifts coffee mug that says champagne for breakfast
gifts for champagne lovers like a funny tumbler

Wine Condoms

We have yet to try a wine condom on Champagne, but I am all about the shock and conversation value. Is it wrong that I crack up like a schoolgirl that this is “shrink fit” technology”?

I’ve read mixed reviews about using wine condoms on Champagne: you might accidentally have one fly off…the Champagne might come everywhere… I’ll stop…

I never considered buying Champagne gag gifts until the wine condom. If you click on nothing else today, go read the product description about “practice safe sips” and “protection for wine lovers.”

If your Champagne is too bubbly for these wine condoms, save the rubber for the wine.

funny gifts for champagne lovers wine stopper condoms

Hilarious Coasters

When we pour Chambord as a Champagne mixer, our flutes sometimes end up a little sticky. Avoid a mess and ants with these wine coasters.

funny gifts for champagne lovers like coasters


I always thought this bottom-of-the-feet concept would make a fabulous tattoo idea if getting your feet inked didn’t hurt so damn much.

funny champagne gift ideas like socks that say if you can read this, bring me Champagne

Plush Dog Toys

Don’t forget about Champagne gifts for the dog…

Champagne bottle plush dog toy

Champagne & Wine Adult Coloring Book

One of my favorite trendy gifts for Champagne lovers is a good coloring book paired with Champagne glasses. Nothing screams relaxation more than a night in with the fireplace blazing, bubbly poured, some soothing music, and sharpened colored pencils.

champagne and wine coloring book

Home Decor Gifts For Champagne Lovers

Not only can you wear your love for the bubbly, but you can also decorate your home to show off your Champagne obsession. A few home decor Champagne gift ideas include:

Decorative Cork Holders

We own quite a few wine cork holders. Champagne corks aren’t exactly the best for wine crafts, but we love saving any cork to remind us of the places that we have traveled to. Plus, corks spark memories of a special moment or celebration.

In our house, we have an owl wine cork holder as well as one in the shape of a wine bottle. Maybe buy personalized Champagne gifts that will best speak to the sparkling drinker in your life. Think about hobbies and letters:

home decor gifts for wine lovers like wine cork holders in the shape of a letter
wine cork holder in the shape of a wine glass

Sparkling Champagne Pillows

Just like rose gold is the new black, Champagne colors and sparkles are all of the home decor rage. Find some glittery pillows and tables runners to remind the Champagne enthusiast in your life what they love without sipping the actual booze.

home decor gifts for champagne lovers like pillows

Glitzy Champagne Table Runners

Glitzy Champagne Table Runners

Champagne Gifts For Every Day

Looking for a few gifts for Champagne lovers that are perfect for everyday use, including wine totes, women’s shirts, and slippers?

Wine And Champagne Totes

Whether someone you know loves the picnic or to the beach, grab a Champagne chilling tote with non-breakable wine glasses. Of course, try to respect rules and the law, too.

Gifts for champagne lovers wine backpack with tumblers
gifts for Champagne lovers like Champagne picnic basket tote

You may also want to bring your Champagne gift to a friend’s house in style with ‘gift wrap’ they can reuse.

gifts for champagne lovers Black wine carrier tote
champagne accessories like a Rainbow wine carrier tote

Champagne Slippers

Since we moved from Florida to North Carolina, my feet are always cold. If you are looking for both funny and practical Champagne gift ideas, why not go for some Champagne slippers?

Champagne slippers
champagne gift ideas like black slippers decorated with champagne bottle and glasses

Champagne PJs

In need of cozy Champagne accessories for your lounging friends and family? Gift these adorable pajamas perfect for an at-home Champagne and mimosa brunch:

cozy gifts for Champagne lovers like pink pajamas with champagne bottles

Wine And Champagne Themed Shirts

I love picking up shirts from the local wineries and breweries to remind me where I have visited. Wearing comfy souvenirs for yoga or blogging is also my jam. If you are looking for everyday gifts for Champagne lovers, why not invest in a silly and very truthful tee or tank:

Wine and Champagne shirt for her
funny Champagne gift ideas like No Pain No Champagne tank

Champagne Candles

If you need gifts for Champagne lovers who can’t always drink, why not smell it instead? Candles are always a great gift idea around the holidays.

champagne gifts like a champagne candle
Gifts for Champagne lovers like pink bubbly champagne scented candle

Champagne Bath Bombs

Looking for unique Champagne gifts to calm and relax? Why not gift a Champagne bath bomb?

Unique champagne gifts like bath bombs

Champagne Gift Ideas: Glassware

No Champagne lovers’ gift guide would be complete without glassware. Every household needs some of the basics, especially if your friends and family love hosting boozy parties and celebrating the wins with sparkling bubbly. Definitely consider gifting them with Champagne glassware.

Champagne Flutes

The most obvious but useful gifts for Champagne lovers include flutes. Champagne flutes are classic…and so damn easy to break with your elbow… Everyone could use a few extra.

gifts for champange lovers like classic champagne flutes

Stemless Champagne Flutes

I am a fan of stemless glasses:

champagne glass gift ideas flutes
best champagne glasses gift ideas like Stemless Champagne Flutes

Classy And Unique Champagne Flutes

Antique and unique flutes and glasses also make for perfect gifts for Champagne lovers. Yes, my booze-ware might look mismatched to the pros, but I love owning something different. The perfect Champagne glass catches a glint of a rainbow, too.

classy champagne flutes

Plastic, Reusable, Or Recyclable Champagne Flutes

If you are looking for Champagne gifts that won’t break and/or are trying to be more environment-friendly, you can always gift these Champagne flutes and tumblers:

Plastic and Recyclable Champagne Flutes
unique champagne gift ideas like reusable champagne flutes
bestselling champagne flutes

Champagne Glass Shooters

For fun Champagne novelty gifts, try these Champagne shooters:

Unique champagne glasses like champagne shooters

Champagne Glasses For A Party

For friends who love to host parties, here are a few more fun and sparkly Champagne gift ideas, especially for easy clean-up:

champagne glass gift ideas like Champagne Glasses For A Party
champagne glasses for parties
champagne gift ideas like plastic party glasses

Champagne Gifts For Mimosa Lovers

Don’t forget your friends who are all about brunch. Mimosas are my favorite mid-morning bevie on the weekend. Here are a few gift ideas for Champagne lovers who covet mimosas.

Mimosa Mixer

mimosa champagne mixer

Mimosa Tank

Sunday brunch comfy tees and mimosas go together like The Uncorked Librarian and a barrel-aged Chardonnay.

Mimosa tank top
Champagne Gifts and Champagne Accessories Pinterest Pin with pink champagne bottle and purple bow
Not ready to shop yet? Save our Gifts For Champagne Lovers Gift Guide for later on Pinterest.

Prosecco Gifts

Don’t forget about Prosecco gifts for Champagne lovers — both fun and practical.

Prosecco Pong

Prosecco gifts like Prosecco Pong

Prosecco Mixers

Prosecco gifts mixers

Prosecco Clothing

Be There In A Prosecco t-shirt
If You Can Read This, Bring Me a Prosecco socks

Champagne Accessories

Although Troop Beverly Hills taught me that accessories don’t necessarily make the scout — who needs those stinkin’ badges anyway!? — I can’t help but give wine charms as one of my staple gifts for Champagne lovers.

Unicorns and cute sloths hanging on for dear life always get me. Help guests remember their glasses, too.

Plus, some of the best Champagne gifts are accessories that compliment your bubbles.

Champagne And Wine Glass Charms And Markers

When you are looking for wine charm gifts, you can either go magnetic, disposable, or rubber. Always go cute:

gifts for champagne lovers wine charms
cat champagne glass charms and accessories
champagne and wine accessories like wine glass markers

Wine, Beer, And Champagne Glass Holder For The Bathtub

This boozy drinking gift is one of my favorite suggestions for those who like to soak in the tub with a glass of Champagne and a good book. Be safe…

champagne accessories wine glass holder for bathtub

Snack Gifts For Champagne Lovers

Meat and Cheese Boards

Of course, you cannot serve Champagne and celebrate without some delicious snacks. Why not gift your Champagne loving friend with a charcuterie board?

cheese and meat board

Growing up, we also had a special cheeseball platter with crackers.

wine and cheese board for champagne lovers

Nuts and Dried Fruit

Looking for more snack-like gifts for Champagne lovers? You can’t go wrong with nuts and dried fruit.

champagne gift ideas like nuts and dried fruit

Hors D’oeuvres Plates

One year for Christmas, we asked for hors d’oeuvres plates to go with our boozy snacks. I just love tiny plates.

champagne lovers gift ideas like Hors D'oeuvres Plates

Cocktail Napkins

I also love giving cute cocktail napkins as Champagne gifts. Usually, I find myself rounding up last-minute napkins at the grocery store, which tend to be cheesy and ugly. You can gift me with Champagne and wine napkins anytime.

champagne gift ideas accessories like cocktail napkins

Champagne Gift Boxes & Gift Bags

Champagne Gift Bags

If you are gifting actual Champagne to your boozy loving friends, don’t forget a wine and Champagne gift bag — because have you ever tried wrapping a bottle of sparkling wine?!

champagne gift bags
Champagne gift bags
Champagne black gift bags

Champagne Gift Boxes

Another popular option that you can wrap, don’t forget about Champagne gift boxes.

black champagne gift boxes
Champagne gift boxes

Champagne Gift Sets

If you still cannot decide what to buy your Champagne loving friend, people always enjoy Champagne gift sets. Find glasses, mixes, rimming sugar, and a Champagne bottle opener.

gifts for champagne lovers like a full champagne gift set

Champagne Gift Baskets

A few more well-rounded gifts for Champagne lovers include Champagne gift baskets both with and without the bubbly.

Champagne gift sets like gift basket with food and Champagne
gourmet Champagne gift basket

What are your favorite Champagne gifts?

What are your favorite gifts for Champagne lovers? What Champagne accessories are essential to your home bar? Do you have any more Champagne gift ideas that we didn’t mention? Please let us know in the comments.

This Champagne Gifts Guide originally posted on November 19, 2019 and has been updated for fall 2020.

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Macey @ Brine & Books

Thursday 21st of November 2019

This is such a fun and unique gift guide!! I can't think of anyone I know who loves champagne; most of my family like all the wines, and a lot of my friends don't drink. And those who do prefer beer or hard lemonade or things like that. I totally have to keep this post in mind for the future though!


Friday 22nd of November 2019

I should add a sparkling cider section! Or, maybe some of these ideas will work for that too. I might work on a beer post, eventually. Thank you!

Kathy | Tasty Itinerary

Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Omg, a wine condom! I didn't expect to see that on this list. Dying! Full disclosure, I am not a champagne drinker. The closest thing to champagne that I enjoy is Prosecco and it ha to be a good one. I just can't get into champagne. However, I LOVE these gift ideas! I used to save all these corks and never knew what to do with them. I'm a stemless glass type of person myself. Cheeseboards - I'm in!


Friday 22nd of November 2019

Haha--I'm not really sure that wine condoms are *great* for certain types of champagne, but I wanted to include it anyway because they are too great.

I love Prosecco as long as it doesn't totally suck (and cheap bottles can definitely really suck).

Tom and I want to start wine cork projects.

I live for charcuteries!


Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Gah, this is great!! Someone gave my mom wine condoms once and it was great! She was spamming our whole family with: look at my new condom pictures. I'm loving the stemless champagne flutes, though I also love the cat stem ornaments so I guess I need two sets of champagne flutes now! AWESOME GIFT GUIDE!!


Tuesday 19th of November 2019

That's absolutely hilarious. I feel like I might need to buy wine condoms for everyone this year.

Thank you! It was so fun to make, and I am going to add a few more categories since I keep find amazing champagne-themed things.

Rachel @ Never Enough Novels

Tuesday 19th of November 2019

So many thoughts! First of all, absolutely delighted to see a Troop Beverley Hills reference!! I lived for that movie when I was younger!

Also, I had literally no idea there were stemless champagne glasses!! Why did I not realize that was a thing? I'm constantly terrified that I'll knock over one of our two champagne glasses and ruin my life. And yes, we currently only have two champagne glasses. Clearly that's a problem.

We are definitely guilty of using a wine stopper in champagne and it never works. Poor Mickey mouse ears just can't handle the job. Time for an upgrade!


Tuesday 19th of November 2019

Yay, I loved that movie so much growing up!! "He....he...PERMED ME!!! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Although I feel like my hand heats up the wine and champagne in a stemless glass, I definitely appreciate the harder to break and spill factor. I remember elbowing a glass at a bar called "The Elbow Room," ironically. I even said, "I swear, I am not drunk." lol. So embarrassing. It's just so easy to smash one, though.

Hey, at least you own champagne glasses!

We used a regular stopper too, which never cuts it.