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13 Undeniable Reasons For Moving To Asheville, North Carolina

Are you thinking of moving to Asheville, North Carolina? Here are 13 reasons why we are moving to North Carolina from the sunshine state, Florida.  Find vegan restaurants, Biltmore, DuPont State Forest, Asheville breweries, fall foliage, and so much more.

13 Reasons For Moving To Asheville NC with brunette white male and female drinking wine overlooking a vineyard
Should you move to Asheville? These are the reasons why we took a leap of faith…straight into the craft beer.

We had no intention of moving to Asheville, NC. None at all. Native New Englanders, we didn’t love living in Florida, but we had accepted our career fate.

But then, one weekend, flights thwarted our vacation plans to Puerto Rico.  We ended up in Asheville, North Carolina as our second destination of choice. 

Sunset at the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville North Carolina
The Omni Grove Park Inn is famous for those sunset views. Can you see downtown Asheville in the center? Who wouldn’t want to live here?

Within 24-hours, we decided to move to Western North Carolina.  Within the month, we bought a house in an established AVL neighborhood.  Y’all, we don’t mess around.

So, why are we moving to Asheville, North Carolina?  How did this happen virtually overnight? Asheville bewitched us with beer, bookstores, culture, and hiking. I blame the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We are sharing our reasons for moving to Asheville, and will hopefully better inform your questions and decisions if moving to Asheville is right for you.

Considering Moving To Asheville, NC Pinterest Pin with picture of downtown Asheville's Grove Arcade
Wondering if moving to Asheville, NC is right for you? Keep reading to see the pros and cons of living in Asheville. Still unsure? Save this post for later to return to it.

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Experience Asheville like a local with our Asheville travel blog.

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Why Did We Considering Moving To Asheville In The First Place? One Word: Florida

Bye, Felicia! Oops, I mean Florida.

Florida was our home for the past 8 years.  When my husband’s commercial airline base closed, we decided to move to the next base in Central Florida.  There may or may not have been sobbing in a La Quinta hotel room with hysterical not-so-whispers of please don’t make me move to Florida.

Asheville NC silo with colorful urban art
The famous Asheville silo welcomes visitors as you drive into the city. The slogan changes frequently, too. You can see the silo up close in the River Arts District (RAD).

All of our family is in CT.   This New England girl loves her seasons, rolling hills, and uhhhh, let’s call it culture.  Let’s just brush that off and leave it there.

For me, Florida is semi-hell disguised as a beach.  The traffic is insane, and although I am not a fatalist, driving there makes me want to take up religion. No one has ever said that they will miss Florida Man, either…

Pros Of Moving To Asheville Wineries black and white photo with brunette white male and female embracing at a vineyard
These days, we are much happier living in Asheville, NC. I couldn’t imagine relocating anywhere else. Photo by Sarah Resta Photography.

My eyes will never believe seeing Confederate flags proudly hanging in so many windows — which you will also see in Western North Carolina. Can everyone read Caste by Isabel Wilkerson, please?! Plus, work pays in sunshine (I can’t take credit for that phrase either).

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Florida’s beautiful beaches, owning a pool, and the fact that everything is open 24/7 for snowbirds and retirees.  It is God’s waiting room, after all. Put your thumbs away; I didn’t coin that truth.

Drinks at Edison Omni Grove Park Inn brunette white woman holding an orange cocktail
As a boozy traveler, we love Asheville’s restaurants and bars. One of our favorites: Edison at The Omni Grove Park Inn. Their seasonal cocktails make living in Asheville even better.

Want to go to the brewery at noon? Not a problem. We lived for Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. Florida is a great vacation destination.  A short-term relationship with no commitment.  A one-night stand gone right.  Friends with all of the benefits; no strings attached.  You get it, right?!

I will be back for the beach and friends — if I have any left after reading this.

So, Florida, I am breaking up with you to move to Asheville, NC and here’s why:

13 Reasons Why We Are Moving To Asheville, North Carolina

1. The Blue Ridge Mountains

Did you ever fly into a destination and just feel like you were home? The number one reason we are moving to Asheville, North Carolina is because of those bluish-green mountains.

Moving to Asheville, North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains with green grass
This is one of the first pictures that I ever took in Asheville from Biltmore’s loggia. It might not be the most professional photograph, but it holds a lot of meaning to us. We announced our Asheville move on FB with this snapshot. It’s not official until it’s Facebook official.

The Blue Ridge Mountains surround Asheville.  Their smoke and mist must be some magical drug; I never want to leave them.  I find the mountains inspirational just like Johnny Depp in Secret Window before it all goes wrong.

Maybe that’s a bad analogy. 

Reasons To Move to Asheville Blue Ridge Mountains with fog and mist
In the mornings, the Blue Ridge Mountains appear to be breathing with their smoke and mist. Living in Asheville, we catch gorgeous mountain sunsets, especially in the winter.

Another way to look at it: George Vanderbilt decided that while some of his family members and the elite were settling in thriving cities like New York City, Paris, and Newport, he fell in love with Asheville, NC. In fact, George enjoyed Asheville so much that he built America’s largest home, Biltmore Estate.

F. Scott Fitzgerald also came to Asheville for vacations — staying at The Omni Grove Park Inn — while Zelda resided at Highlands Hospital, improving her mental health. Unfortunately, Zelda perished in the Highlands Hospital fire — so maybe moving to Asheville wasn’t so great for her.

2. Downtown Asheville, NC

The moment the plane landed, I knew that I wanted to live in Asheville.  One of the deal-sealers: the knit pig on the lamp post with the mountain sunset and bubble machine in front of the board game cafe (which sadly closed in 2020).  That’s too many yuppie words for me to comprehend in one sentence.  

Where am I, Toto?

Moving to downtown Asheville North Carolina with lamppost covered with knit pig and bubbles floating in the air
One of the downtown Asheville yarn shops decorated the street with flying knit pigs.

I am an old millennial; what can I say?  Hello, rock climbing gym, endless restaurants and cafes, a giant iron, and urban street art.  Which way should I turn?  Dim sum tapas?  Beer at which brewery?  A drum circle in the square?

Moving To Downtown Asheville North Carolina with cityscape at sunset
Just look at downtown Asheville. Moving to Asheville means that you have access to endless shops, restaurants, breweries, and bars. Full disclosure that this is indeed a famous stock picture — but I had to include it. You know I don’t have these photography skillzzz.

It will take me years to date you, Asheville. Bring. It. On.

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3. Vegan and Gluten-Free Restaurants

Did you know that Asheville is called Foodtopia? The city is a foodie’s dream.

Reasons To Move To Asheville Restaurants with brunette white female with plate of eggs, avocado toast, coffee, and red mimosa
Asheville is most certainly for food lovers. We love boozy brunch at Tupelo Honey. Photo by Sarah Resta Photography.

I have UC and my husband has Celiac Disease.  We are both lactose-intolerant.  Most Florida restaurants, especially outside of the major cities, completely disregarded our severe food intolerances. It was frustrating as heck.

Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company gluten free pizza with vegan cheese
Gluten-free pizza with lactose-free cheese? Asheville Brewing Company has your back.

Asheville restaurants have dietary labels on most of the menus.  The wait staff knows their stuff and attentively take care of everything without even blinking. 

Our food options spread in front of us like a deck of cards during some magical foodie trick.  Plus, although we are not vegan or veggie, we seek out this cuisine frequently.

Personally, I love Plant and Laughing Seed Cafe.

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4. Battery Park Book Exchange

Moving to Asheville, North Carolina is a boozy and literary traveler’s dream.  Our first night ever in Asheville, we landed at the Battery Park Book Exchange.

Moving to Asheville NC Battery Book Exchange
Another one of our first pictures before moving to Asheville — that is grainy AF — showcases true happiness at the Battery Park Book Exchange.

Literary cocktails, champagne between the stacks, and books for sale?  Um, can I just live here?  Plus, we saw a book club meeting along with other gatherings and celebrations. I’d have my 40th here.  You in?! Sold.

Battery Park Book Exchange Asheville NC with white brunette male and female sitting on an outdoor couch with arms around each other
We frequent the Battery Park Book Exchange for literary cocktails, book shopping, and meeting up with bloggers. Photo by Sarah Resta Photography.

P.S. These are my favorite North Carolina books so far.

Uncorked Asheville North Carolina Travel Blog

Be Sure To Check Out Our Asheville, NC Travel Blog

Since writing this post, we, of course, moved to Asheville, North Carolina. AND IT’S BEEN THE BEST DECISION EVER! If you are traveling to Asheville, be sure to check out our Asheville-based blog, Uncorked Asheville. Find local tips, boozy itineraries, where to eat, and fun things to do for everyone. Sign-up for updates here.

5. Breweries Upon Breweries

[Channel Oprah Here] “And you get a brewery, and you get a brewery, and YOU GET A BREWERY.”  I am a craft beer gal all of the way. 

Wedge Brewing At Foundation in River Arts District Asheville
As a boozy book and travel blogger, Asheville is heaven. There are endless craft breweries like Wedge at Foundation.

Asheville grows breweries like Florida spawns retirees and Florida Man memes.  Whoops, did I go there?  I am paralyzed with hoppy indecision.  In fact, Asheville is building even more beer havens as I write this.

A few of my favorite Asheville breweries include Wicked Weed Brewing, Thirsty Monk, Wedge at Foundation, Zillicoah, and Bhramari Brewing Company.

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6. Biltmore Estate and Winery

Did you know that Biltmore is said to be America’s largest private estate and home? George Vanderbilt built this stunning icon, including an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, and gorgeous library.

Biltmore Estate Asheville NC
Welcome to our new Asheville home. We wish… Biltmore Estate is a historic Asheville landmark. If AVL is good enough for the Vanderbilts, it’s good enough for us.

After moving to Asheville, we traded in our annual Disney passes for Biltmore concerts and access to the grounds for the 22-miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails.

Can we talk about Biltmore Winery, too? One day is not enough to see and experience it all.  No oaked Chardonnays and Syrahs are safe.  You’ve been warned, Asheville.

Get the most out of your Biltmore Visit With These Locals Tips.

7. Hiking & Waterfalls

The second day we landed in Asheville, NC, we booked it out the door to DuPont State Forest in search of The Hunger Games waterfalls.

Reasons For Moving To Asheville BRP Hiking Trails with brunette white woman looking out at Black Balsam and Art Loeb Trail
Find the best fall foliage hikes along the Blue Ridge Parkway like Black Balsam via the Art Loeb Trail.

Did you know that Transylvania County is known as the “Land of Waterfalls?” There are over 200+ waterfalls in Western North Carolina. Asheville (NC Micropolitan Statistical Area) and Brevard fall into some of this area.

Hooker Falls at DuPont State Forest
Be sure to check out Hooker falls along the magnificent 3-waterfall hike at DuPont State Forest.

With gorgeous weather almost year-round, moving to Asheville means living in outdoor clothes 24/7 — if that’s your jam. The hiking trails across Western North Carolina never end. Asheville also has beautiful parks and gardens.

Bent Creek Experimental Forest Waterfall at Lake Powhatan
On the weekends, we love heading to the Bent Creek Experimental Forest and Lake Powhatan for mountain biking and hiking near The NC Arboretum.

Mother Nature, you and I are going to be besties.  Just keep those copperheads away from me, please.

8. Seasons

Speaking of weather: Hello, seasons; my old friend.  People always complain about the snow, but when you never see it, you miss it. 

Living In Asheville Winter Snow with red fall bush surrounded by light dusting of snow
Moving to Asheville from Florida, we were excited to see snow once again. Thankfully, we don’t get those New England blizzards.

And yes, I will death-grip the steering wheel and silently sob as I re-learn not only how to drive in snow and ice but also on winding, hilly roads. Driving in Iceland may have prepared us a little bit, but after 8 years in Florida, I still have to look up “hill” in the dictionary.

Fall in Asheville NC Black Balsam on BRP
Although Asheville and the BRP grow extremely busy in the fall with tourists, there is good reason to jump in with the crowds: Fall Foliage.

Plus, you know about fall in Asheville, right? People flock to see the gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway foliage. You also have the famous Hendersonville apple orchards with cider donuts and slushies.

Fall Near Asheville NC Blue Ridge Parkway hikes and mountains with leaves
If you can’t decide if you should move to Asheville, the foliage might just push you over the edge. Graveyard Fields, Mount Pisgah, and Black Balsam are just a few of the stunning fall places to visit along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Lastly, since moving to Asheville, we bought a house. It has a gas fireplace.  Imagine four kitty stockings hanging on the mantle during a white Christmas — which we had in 2020. It snows in Asheville, but it’s usually a light dusting.

Living In Asheville Spring with pink flowers on bush branches
Just like the fall, Asheville is equally gorgeous in the spring. We love all of the time that we spend outside living in Asheville. Photo by Sarah Resta Photography.

9. Homes With Personality

I can’t complain.  My cement, stucco, one-story Florida home saved our butts through multiple scary hurricanes.  The house was a tank. 

I loved its modern touches, but I miss older homes.  New England houses and Asheville homes have character and not just characters lurking outside.

Our new Asheville home is a colonial.  Le sigh.  The rooms are cozy, and f’ me: is that a basement?!?!?!

10. Traffic and Driving

Everyone tells us how bad Asheville traffic is.  Um, I dare you to go on I-4 through Orlando, Disney, and the outlets.  It could take me two to three hours to go 20-30 minutes at least once a week. Insert hysterical laugh.

We are stoked that within 30-minutes, we can be across Asheville and into other happening cities as well as the airport.  Most places are a 5 to 15-minute drive from us, including the eye doctor, dentist, and GI.  In Florida, it’s an hour to get to a good doctor (and don’t get me started on Florida’s healthcare system).

Granted, staying in my lines for those turns is still a challenge.  Whereas in Florida, I was a speed demon to stay alive with the aggressive and awful drivers, in NC, I am humbly slow. P.S. Motion sickness is for real in the Asheville mountains.

11. Wine

Wait, what?! Isn’t Asheville home to all of the craft beer? It is, but there is also WINE. Of course, this isn’t CA, and the number one question I receive from Californians moving to Asheville (and yes, there are a lot of you), is if the wine is any good.

Reasons To Move To Asheville Wineries with brunette white male and female in chairs looking out over Marked Tree Vineyards doing a cheers with wine glasses
We love the WNC wineries, including Marked Tree Vineyard in Flat Rock, NC. Photo by Sarah Resta Photography.

In the U.S., I am not sure if anything compares to CA wine. But, there are a ton of wineries near Asheville, especially in Hendersonville and Flat Rock. We missed having good wineries while living in Florida.

pleb urban winery with three red wine glasses and their logo across the wall
Don’t miss pleb urban winery located in Asheville’s River Arts District. RAD is home to vibrant street art, cafes, artisan shops, and Wedge Brewing, too.

Like Florida, the muscadine grape — which I don’t particularly care for — grows in North Carolina. However, unlike Florida, we have more than those fruity wines, too. Our favorite wineries in WNC include Stone Ashe and Marked Tree Vineyards.

12. Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) has been named one of the prettiest spots in the United States. In the fall, the BRP lights up with gorgeous foliage.

Blue Ridge Parkway Asheville NC during the fall with mountains and colorful trees
One of the best parts about moving to Asheville is giving up the congested Florida highways for the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway.

This winding two-lane road is home to scenic overlooks, wildlife, hiking trails, waterfalls, and cabin getaways. The entire Parkway spans from Cherokee, North Carolina — home to the elk — all the way to Virginia.

Bikers, motorcyclists, road trippers, RVers…you name it…all take to the BRP for the peaceful views. Parts of the Parkway will close in the winter for ice — just in case you are visiting Asheville then.

13. Everything!  Quality Of Life, Culture, Community

This goes without saying, but we are moving to Asheville, NC because it rocks.

I love the vintage pinball museum, liberal vibes, and community-oriented, local support.  People are friendly, including mountain-giddy tourists.

Living In Asheville Pros Hiking with brunette white woman looking out at Blue Ridge Mountains at Craggy Gardens
Moving to Asheville, NC has greatly increased our quality of living — in our opinion. I cannot get enough of the beautiful mountains and fresh air, especially at Craggy Gardens.

Outdoorsy folk thrive as well as artists, digital nomads, and writers.  There is so much to see and do.  I can’t even begin to describe it; so, you better visit us to see for yourself.

Considering moving to Asheville? Want to check out WNC? Where can you stay?

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Aloft – Downtown Asheville  – If you are looking to stay in the heart of downtown Asheville, the Aloft hotel is newly renovated as of 2020. You’ll love the brilliant local murals, updated rooms, and trendy public areas, including a rooftop pool, bar, and ledge overlooking all of Asheville.

Hampton Inn And Suites Asheville Biltmore Area  – Although this hotel is on busy Brevard Road – NC-191 – across from the Asheville Outlets, we stayed here before moving to Asheville. Clean, updated, and in the middle of everything, you can easily access downtown, Biltmore, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

1898 Waverly Inn Bed and Breakfast — While looking for houses in Asheville, we stayed at this sweet B&B in Hendersonville, NC (35-40 mins from Asheville closer to DuPont State Forest). We loved their social happy hour and friendly hosts. You can walk into downtown Hendersonville.

13 Reasons To Move To Asheville NC Pinterest pin with Biltmore and Blue Ridge Mountains with mist and fog
Still thinking of moving to Asheville? Save this post for later to make the most informed decision — or just for fun ideas when you visit.

So, are you moving to Asheville, NC?

We are thrilled to call Asheville, North Carolina our new home.  You can see how living in Asheville worked out here on Uncorked Asheville.

Let us know if you have any questions or are visiting Asheville. If you hate that I ranked on Florida, well, don’t let me know.

And thanks, Florida; it’s been real.  Real hot. 

We originally published 13 Reasons For Moving to Asheville on June 12, 2019 & have updated this post for 2021.

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Asheville Photo Credits

Did you love many of the pictures in this post? Sarah Resta is an international and local Asheville engagement and wedding photographer for Sarah Resta Photography. As a partner, we highly recommend Sarah. Tell her that Christine, The Uncorked Librarian, sent you when you book her.

Eileen Ryan

Wednesday 8th of June 2022

Hi Christine, Thank you for your post. I enjoyed reading it as I am beginning my search of the area. I am a Boston girl, and I need a change as I approach retirement (somewhat). I want more tolerable weather mostly, not hot and not a lot of snow. I need a happy weather medium so I can get out every day instead of being prisoned up during the winters AND in the hot, hot summers. I grew up on the east coast south of Boston, but now I want a taste of the fresh mountain air and vibrant colors. I still have a lot more to find out about Asheville and NC. Thanks for your selling points. Eileen


Friday 10th of June 2022

Hi Eileen! Thanks so much. We love the Boston area - and New England. We do not miss those NE blizzards, though. Asheville definitely has a milder climate, and the mountains are just stunning. The fall is magical, and we love hitting the hiking trails and waterfalls. We hope you'll check out our Asheville website, which might be helpful too, Uncorked Asheville: We have relocation tips, neighborhood guides, and of course, endless articles on Asheville. Best of luck! Christine

Dayna Sheppard

Saturday 21st of May 2022

Hi! I am thrilled to be moving my family to Asheville this July! I’m a Tampa native and I live in Baltimore with my husband and two toddlers…my husband is from Baltimore. We bought a home in Arden, and although we realize it may not be the most exciting suburb of Asheville, it does seem to be family friendly and has a wonderful elementary school. Any tips for choosing dentists, doctors, and pediatricians? I’m not on Facebook, so looking for alternative ways other than Facebook groups. Thanks so much for such a great site!


Tuesday 24th of May 2022

We looked at Arden too - they had some gorgeous houses. It's a great area. Unfortunately, we mostly went by our insurance and who was close to us in our neighborhood. There is only one main GI practice in the area - so I didn't have any choice there (Digestive Health Partners/Asheville Gastro). I do like Carolina Internal Medicine for our primary care office. I hope that helps!


Wednesday 2nd of March 2022

A wonderful, witty post. I am moving there in September. Can't wait! Also, I signed up for your blog. Take care, Anna


Thursday 3rd of March 2022

Thank you! Best of luck with the move!

Patti Pjerrou

Saturday 18th of September 2021

I loved your article. Thank you for writing it. Next Thursday we start on the road moving to Asheville. We visited last April and fell in love with Western NC. Can’t wait to get there! Patti


Saturday 18th of September 2021

Thank you so much! Best of luck with the move, and that's so exciting. You might enjoy our sister site, Uncorked Asheville since you will be new to the area. I hope you enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage that is on its way.

Angela Roberts

Saturday 21st of August 2021

Hi Christine, pure gold. Seriously, what a breath of fresh air of a read. I have known for years that I love NC and recently found Asheville and research literally every day. My current situation is being "stuck" in Florida for the time being. An amazing friend, who loves Daytona, offered me a free stay as I recoup from the pile of poo that is Covid. Anyhoo, I am NOT fan at all and usually find "my people" quickly until I got here. Drivers are real bunch of sons of beaches! The idea of moving solo to Asheville makes me almost giggle cry like those Youtube video kids that get surprised with a Disney trip. Step in the right direction, my cousin and I are meeting in Asheville in a couple of weeks for the first time for the both of us. I have an interview for the remote version of my job on Tuesday.

Much thanks for the laughs and the ability to hear my echoed thoughts and not someone who wants to argue that I am "living where people vacation and just need to suck it up."

Cross your fingers for me, and hopefully we will bump into each other at a brewery there and have a good laugh about escaping the semi-hell disguised as a beach. To new beginnings!



Monday 23rd of August 2021

Hi Angela, Thank you for the kind note. I appreciate it.

We actually lived pretty close to Daytona. I-4 was the bane of my existence, and the drivers were wild. I always had the longest commutes to work filled with traffic and accidents. It kind of sucks the soul out of you after a while. I do miss the beaches, though.

Good luck with your interview, and I hope you have a great Asheville visit.

Be sure to head over to our Asheville site if you ever need recs as a visitor or new local. If you see me at a brewery, be sure to say hello too!

Cheers to new beginnings!