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10 Intriguing WWII Books Coming Summer 2020

Discover 10 WWII books coming summer 2020. These new and most anticipated WW2 novels will take you back in time, offering inspiration, love, and hope.

WWII Books Coming Summer 2020 blog post cover with book covers for The Book Of Lost Names, The Most Precious Of Cargoes, Paris Never Leaves You, The Paris Children, and Miss Graham's Cold War CookbookPin
What Summer 2020 WW2 Book Releases Are We Must Excited For? Get Ready…

As a former librarian, summer reading is one of my favorite times of the year. I used to delve right into the bustle of family programming, the plethora of new book releases, and the wistful ambiance and daydreams of sitting in the sun reading a good book. I’ll sure miss that Florida beach…

This summer 2020 promises intriguing World War 2 book releases publishing along with diverse historical fiction that will take you back in time. Many of these summer WWII books focus on strong women who saved children’s lives. Then, meet women who dared to participate in the Olympics. Get lost in magical realism, and empathize with unique wartime perspectives.

What are our most anticipated WWII books coming out this summer 2020? Which WW2 novels does TUL already have advanced copies for? Which books do we think our readers will enjoy the most?

With so many new summer WW2 2020 book releases, how can you choose? My TBR pile is actually a bit ridiculous.

Below, find our top 10 handpicked WWII books publishing this summer 2020. Let’s get started!

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*All publication dates ending with an asterisk are upcoming summer WW2 book releases and ARCs that TUL requested or received, typically from NetGalley or direct from the author/publisher, in exchange for a fair and honest review. Publication dates are just estimates and may change at any time.

New May & June 2020 WWII Books

The Library Of Legends by Janie Chang book cover with woman carrying a red umbrella and walking down a path surrounded by mountainsPin
If I Were You by Lynn Austin book cover with two women walking in brown skirts down a stone roadPin

The Library Of Legends by Janie Chang – May 12, 2020 – Multicultural WW2 Historical Fiction

One of the books I missed on my spring WW2 new releases reading list is The Library Of Legends, which also happens to be an earlier Book of the Month pick. I’m squeezing this May WW2 book release into my summer reading list because I’m hoping to read it ASAP. Based on a true story and Chinese history, Lian and a group of students must protect the Library of Legends from the Japanese. It’s 1937, and the Japanese have just invaded Nanking. There are murders, arrests, books to be saved, and forbidden romance. Amazon | Goodreads | Book Information→

If I Were You by Lynn Austin – June 2, 2020 – Christian WWII Historical Fiction

Eve and Audrey have a complicated friendship, especially when Audrey learns that Eve has been impersonating her for the last few years. Flashback to the 1940s, when Eve and Audrey unite in London under the Nazi invasion. Both women join the fight as ambulance drivers. How did they get here today in 1950? A novel full of deceit, danger, love, and friendship If I Were You is a WW2 summer release that sounds absolutely thrilling and suspenseful. Amazon | Goodreads

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Most Anticipated July 2020 WW2 Book Releases

Fast Girls by Elise Hooper book cover with three women wearing blue blazers and white skirts with backs turned looking at Olympic arenaPin
Miss Graham's Cold War Cookbook by Celia Rees book cover with woman wearing a purple skirt and jacket carrying luggagePin

Fast Girls by Elise Hooper – July 7, 2020* – Pre-WW2 Historical Fiction & Biographical Fiction

Based on the first integrated women’s Olympic team, Fast Girls examines three women’s journeys to the 1936 summer games in Nazi Germany. Learn more about real-life Betty Robinson, Louise Stokes, and Helen Stephens. Discover how these women fought to compete on the brink of an explosive war.  Amazon | Goodreads

Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook by Celia Rees – July 7, 2020 – Historical Fiction & Women’s Fiction

Set after WW2 has just ended, Edith Graham, a 30-something-year-old school teacher, is hired by the British Control Commission in Germany while also being recruited as a spy in the Secret Service. Edith takes on the alias of popular cookbook author, Stella Snelling, to find one of the most hunted war criminals–who also happens to be someone she knows. Amazon | Goodreads

The Book Of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel book cover with woman holding a brown and gold book and wearing a white blouse with a turquoise skirtPin
The Vanishing Sky by L. Annette Binder book cover with pink sky and old cityPin

The Book Of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel – July 21, 2020* – Historical WWII Fiction & Women’s Fiction

Inspired by a true story, another WW2 summer book release that I cannot wait to read is The Book Of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel. Eva Traube Abrams revisits her past starting from when she flees Paris in 1942 as her father, a Polish Jew, is arrested. As part of the Resistance, Eva forges identity documents for children. Amazon | Goodreads

The Vanishing Sky by L. Annette Binder – July 21, 2020* – Historical WW2 Fiction & Women’s Fiction

One of the upcoming summer 2020 WWII books that I am hoping to find time to read is The Vanishing Sky by L. Annette Binder. More unique, this novel takes place at the end of WW2 and is about a family of Germans and their experiences during the war. Binder’s father was a part of Hitler’s Youth. Amazon | Goodreads

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Upcoming August 2020 World War 2 Books To Read

In The Realm Of Ash And Sorrow by Kenneth W. Harmon book cover with purple mountains and young Japanese woman standing on a ledge looking outPin
Paris Never Leaves You by Ellen Feldman book cover with brunette woman sitting on a couch looking sidewaysPin

In The Realm Of Ash And Sorrow by Kenneth W. Harmon – August 1, 2020* – Indie Published WW2 Historical Fiction, Magical Realism & WWII Novel Book Set In Japan

One of the indie WW2 historical fiction releases coming out this summer 2020, includes In The Realm Of Ash And Sorrow by Kenneth Harmon. Micah Lund dies on a mission over Hiroshima. His spirit follows a struggling widow, Kiyomi Oshiro. Micah sees the enemy in a new light. With the bombing of Hiroshima on the horizon, can he save the family he watches over? Amazon | Goodreads |Book Information→

Paris Never Leaves You by Ellen Feldman – August 4, 2020* – World War II Historical Fiction

Paris Never Leaves You alternates between Paris in WW2 and New York City in the 1950s. Charlotte works at a Paris bookstore during WWII, fighting to survive with her young daughter. Find themes of identity, truth, and love. You’ll also uncover a little romance, too. Amazon | Goodreads | Book Information→

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September & End Of Summer WWII Books Publishing Summer 2020

The Paris Children by Gloria Goldreich book cover with young girl in a green dress in front Eiffel TowerPin
The Most Precious of Cargoes by Jean-Claude Grumberg  book cover with picture of a floating blanket with a lump in the middlePin

The Paris Children by Gloria Goldreich – September 1, 2020 – Inspired By A True Story | WW2 Historical Fiction

If you are looking for an end of summer 2020 WWII book release, The Paris Children will take you to Paris in 1935. The daughter of a WWI war hero, Madeleine Levy, joins the resistance to save lost children. Amazon | Goodreads

The Most Precious of Cargoes by Jean-Claude Grumberg – September 29, 2020 – World War 2 Family Fiction

As war rages around them, a poor woodcutter and his wife wish for a baby. When a Jewish father throws his daughter into the woods–his wife can no longer feed her–the woodcutter’s wife takes her home. By rescuing this baby, though, she is risking all of their lives. Amazon | Goodreads

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Which Of These WWII Books Coming Summer 2020 Are You Most Looking Forward To?

These are some of my most anticipated WW2 book releases for June to September 2020. What are you eyeing? Did I miss any summer World War 2 books in your 2020 TBR pile? What are you most excited about? Have you already read a few of these titles via ARCs?

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