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The Women With Silver Wings by Katherine Sharp Landdeck – WW2 Women’s Nonfiction

Are you looking for newer World War 2 nonfiction? Don’t miss The Women With Silver Wings by Katherine Sharp Landdeck, a WW2 book about women pilots. Find a The Women With Silver Wings summary, book information, and reviews.

The Women With Silver Wings by Katherine Sharp Landdeck

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The Women With Silver Wings by Katherine Sharp Landdeck Book Information

Author: Katherine Sharp Landdeck
Genre: WW2 Nonfiction | Aviation History | Women In History
Pages: 448
Publisher: Crown
Publication Date: April 2020

Buy Now: Amazon

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The Women With Silver Wings by Katherine Sharp Landdeck Summary

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Cornelia Fort was already in the air. At twenty-two, Fort had escaped Nashville’s debutante scene for a fresh start as a flight instructor in Hawaii. She and her student were in the middle of their lesson when the bombs began to fall, and they barely made it back to ground that morning.

Still, when the U.S. Army Air Forces put out a call for women pilots to aid the war effort, Fort was one of the first to respond. She became one of just over 1,100 women from across the nation to make it through the Army’s rigorous selection process and earn her silver wings.

The brainchild of trailblazing pilots Nancy Love and Jacqueline Cochran, the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) gave women like Fort a chance to serve their country—and to prove that women aviators were just as skilled as men.

While not authorized to serve in combat, the WASP helped train male pilots for service abroad, and ferried bombers and pursuits across the country. Thirty-eight WASP would not survive the war. But even taking into account these tragic losses, Love and Cochran’s social experiment seemed to be a resounding success—until, with the tides of war turning, Congress clipped the women’s wings.

The program was disbanded, the women sent home. But the bonds they’d forged never failed, and over the next few decades they came together to fight for recognition as the military veterans they were—and for their place in history.


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More About Author, Katherine Sharp Landdeck

Katherine Sharp Landdeck teaches history at Texas Woman’s University. She is a Guggenheim Fellow at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. Landdeck is also a licensed pilot. Learn more about Katherine Sharp Landdeck.

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