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The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner – Domestic Thriller Set In NYC

Looking for an NYC murder mystery and thriller? Don’t miss The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner. Find a summary, book information, and book reviews here.

The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner book cover

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The Perfect Marriage by Adam Mitzner Book Information

Author: Adam Mitzner
Genre: Domestic Thrillers | Books Set In NYC
Pages: 292
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Publication Date: April 1, 2021

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The Perfect Marriage Summary

James and Jessica Sommers are celebrating their first blissful year together, an unexpected second chance at true love. Unfortunately, their newfound shot at happiness is not without collateral damage.

There’s Jessica’s ex-husband. He pretends for all the world that he’s resilient and strong. If only for the sake of their teenage son, profoundly vulnerable in his own way. James’s ex has taken a different road. Bitter, vengeful, and threatening, she wants only the worst for the happy couple. And then there’s the couple themselves: Are they truly as in love as they seem?

When James enters into an extraordinarily profitable, if shady, transaction with a beautiful art dealer, Jessica and James’s seemingly perfect marriage takes a dark and tragic turn.

Amid suspicions, tested loyalties, revenge, and guilt, no one escapes unscathed from sins committed in the name of love.

Thomas & Mercer

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TUL Brief Review

One of my March 2021 Amazon First Reads selections, The Perfect Marriage is an easily digestible domestic thriller. Although not one of the best or most gripping murder mysteries that I’ve read, for a fast-paced and escapist novel, I enjoyed Mitzner’s The Perfect Marriage.

This is one of the first mysteries that I solved early on, and I appreciated The Perfect Marriage as a free, pandemic read.

CW // Cancer, murder, infidelity

About Author Adam Mitzner

Adam Mitzner a is legal thriller author and a practicing attorney. He grew up in New Jersey and graduated from Brandeis University with a B.A. and M.A. in politics. He attended law school at the University of Virginia. Read more about Adam Mitzner.

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