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The Crucible By Arthur Miller

Are you looking for books set in Salem and famous classics? The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a not to miss Salem Witch Trials book.

The Crucible by Arthur Miller book cover with bottom half of a young girl in a white gown

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Book Information

Author: Arthur Miller
Genre: Classics | American Drama & Plays | Books Set In Salem & Salem Witch Trials
Pages: 143
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Original Publication Date: 1953

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Summary

“…In the rigid theocracy of Salem, rumors that women are practicing witchcraft galvanize the town’s most basic fears and suspicions; and when a young girl accuses Elizabeth Proctor of being a witch, self-righteous church leaders and townspeople insist that Elizabeth be brought to trial. The ruthlessness of the prosecutors and the eagerness of neighbor to testify against neighbor brilliantly illuminate the destructive power of socially sanctioned violence.

Written in 1953, The Crucible is a mirror Miller uses to reflect the anti-communist hysteria inspired by Senator Joseph McCarthy’s “witch-hunts” in the United States. Within the text itself, Miller contemplates the parallels, writing: “Political opposition…is given an inhumane overlay, which then justifies the abrogation of all normally applied customs of civilized behavior. A political policy is equated with moral right, and opposition to it with diabolical malevolence.”

Penguin Random House

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About The Author, Arthur Miller:

Born in NYC in 1915, Arthur Miller wrote numerous plays in his lifetime.  High School curriculums love to teach Miller’s The Death of a Salesman, another popular classic.

Twice, Miller achieved the New York Drama Critics Circle Award.  In 1949, he won the Pulitzer Prize.  Miller died in 2005.  Learn more about this infamous play writer, Arthur Miller→

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