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Comforting & Escapist Spring 2020 Book Releases

Are you looking for Spring 2020 book releases that will soothe your soul and take your mind off of the world? Unplug from social media and the tube, and grab one of these new or upcoming Spring books.

Spring 2020 Book Releases Blog Post Cover with book covers for The Jane Austen Society, The Paris Library, The Socialite, Joy at Work, and Darling Rose GoldPin
Discover some of the best Spring 2020 new book releases.

Times are stressful right now. Even though many of us are struggling to focus on a good book (and might have limited access to them), I have been seeking out more romances and psychological thrillers. Who doesn’t love a happy ending or feisty relationship when the world is a mess?

More and more, I find myself craving inspirational stories, too: Books filled with hope and tales of overcoming hardship. Plus, give me a new 2020 book oozing with armchair travel to transport me to different times and destinations. My imagination just returned from Alaska…

Why not crack out the hammock and take a break from everything to devour one of these Spring 2020 book releases?

Let’s get started.

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*All books marked with an asterisk are upcoming new book releases and ARCs that we requested in exchange for a fair and honest review or were freely gifted by the author/publisher. Please know that these are estimated dates of publication.

March 2020 New Book Releases
You Might Have Missed

March 2020 new books, Anna K by Jenny Lee, blue book cover with a young Asian woman wearing sunglasses looking upPin

Anna K: A Love Story by Jenny Lee

YA Contemporary Fiction Set In NYC | Literary Fiction
March 3, 2020*

Do you love to escape into teenage drama? Or are you looking for a retelling of a classic novel? One of the most talked about March 2020 book releases is Anna K by Jenny Lee. It’s no secret that this new YA book is *EXTRA* everything, simmering with teenage alcohol, drugs, parties, and romance. Lee stays fairly true to Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, adding in multicultural characters with a Gossip Girl flair. Check out February 2020’s Currently Reading for the complete review. As for early Spring 2020 book releases, Anna K will deliver you a party, Kardashian-style.  Amazon | Goodreads

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird Jose Silver book cover with woman sitting across from a man in a booth and upside down woman sitting in an empty boothPin

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver

Romantic Comedy
March 3, 2020

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird is one of the Spring 2020 book releases that I missed but is now on my TBR list after so many people loved it. Overcoming hardship and finding the light again is a message we all need right about now. When the love of Lydia’s life dies in a car crash, her world falls apart. Knowing that moping around is not what Freddie would have wanted, Lydia embarks on the journey to love again. At the same time, Lydia finds a world where she can be with Eddie–distracting her from reality and a second chance at living. Amazon | Goodreads | Book Information→

A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler book cover with gold and yellow torn leafPin

A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler

Coming Of Age Fiction | Book Set In North Carolina
March 10, 2020

Living in North Carolina, I am dying to read March 2020 new release, A Good Neighborhood by Therese Anne Fowler, especially in a time where it is essential to be a good neighbor. Filled with diverse characters, Valerie loves her little home in Oak Knoll, NC where she lives with her son, Xavier. When the wealthy Whitmans move in next door with their troubled daughter, their world is about to change. Thank gosh we have the sweetest neighbors in the world, but we know how quickly that can change. Amazon | Goodreads | Book Information→

Darling Rose Gold by Stephanie WrobelPin

Darling Rose Gold By Stephanie Wrobel

Psychological Thriller
March 17, 2020*

If you are a TUL newsletter subscriber, you know how much I raved about Darling Rose Gold as an early Spring 2020 new book release. While this wild novel wasn’t for everyone, if psychological thrillers entrance you, this royally f*cked up mother and daughter relationship will keep you reading late into the night. With Poisonous Patty recently released from jail, Rose Gold must decide how to take care of her mother. Pun completely intended. Amazon | Goodreads | Read More→

March 2020 book release, Code Name Helene by Ariel Lawhon, book cover with woman holding an envelope and walking down the streetPin

Code Name Hélène by Ariel Lawhon

WW2 Historical Fiction | Based On A True Story
March 31, 2020*

It’s no secret that here at TUL, we love World War 2 fiction and nonfiction. One of the best Spring 2020 book releases that you may have missed is Code Name Hélène by Ariel Lawhon. While WW2 stories aren’t always uplifting or comforting, I couldn’t help but get sucked into this thrilling true story of French Resistance fighter and spy, Nancy Wake. Then again, I did go to Smith and find feminist historical fiction completely inspiring and captivating. Plus, Code Name Hélène offers a glimpse of hope during a dark time. Amazon | Goodreads | Book Information→

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April 2020 New Releases

April 2020 book release, Joy At Work by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein, book cover with blue Japanese characterPin

Joy At Work by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein

Nonfiction | Organization | Self-Help & Motivation
April 7, 2020*

I don’t know about you, but during a time when we are locked inside, it’s the perfect opportunity to clean and organize. One of my favorite and most timely Spring 2020 book releases is Kondo’s and Sonenshein’s Joy At Work. Clearing clutter is meant to bring us joy and more help us create more productive workspaces. If you are working from home, this new book will help you transform your home office as well as clear up digital disasters. I am a digital photo hoarder, and how about those emails? Spark joy at home. Amazon | Goodreads 

April 2020 new book release, The Socialite by J'nell Ciesielski, book cover with young blonde woman in a red dress looking out at the Eiffel TowerPin

The Socialite by J’nell Ciesielski

World War 2 Romance & Historical Fiction
April 14, 2020*

When I am stressed out, I suddenly regain an appreciation for love stories. One of my favorite April 2020 new book releases is The Socialite. Set in Nazi-occupied Paris, Barrett Anderson finds himself caught in a situation. Not only is he fighting for the French Resistance to avoid jail time, but he also must babysit two English socialites. Watch the love story unfold as Kat tries to save her sister Ellie before it’s too late. Goodreads | Amazon | Book Information→

April new book releases, Pretty Things by Janelle Brown, book cover with gold jewelry spread across the coverPin

Pretty Things by Janelle Brown

Psychological Thriller
April 21, 2020*

Psychological thrillers make up a ton of my favorite Spring 2020 new releases. Similar to Darling Rose Gold, Janelle Brown’s Pretty Things kept me turning pages like it was my job. I guess it kinda is. Who can trust a con artist? Most relevant, Brown focuses on the Instagram influencer life. You know that we are all mindlessly scrolling the Gram right now from our couches. Watch as the tides turn in one of the biggest and most personal cons gone wrong. Amazon | Goodreads | Read More Book Information→

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Most-Anticipated May 2020 Books

Upcoming May 2020 book releases, The Tourist Attraction Sarah Morgenthaler, book cover with a man wearing a beanie and his dog and a woman dragging a suitcasePin

The Tourist Attraction by Sarah Morgenthaler

Romantic Comedy Set In Alaska
May 5, 2020*

When I hit a reading slump this month, one of the Spring 2020 book releases that saved my book blogging butt included Morgenthaler’s The Tourist Attraction. If you crave escapist fiction paired with armchair travel, this little romance will sweep you off your feet. There is a humping moose, an adorable tourist who keeps breaking her glasses, and a dreamy Alaskan native. This little Alaskan town with its divey reindeer burger joint sings to my heart. I’m pretty sure The Tourist Attraction is one of my favorite May 2020 adult book releases. Amazon | Goodreads | Book Information→

The Guest List Lucy Foley gray and black book cover with house on a hillPin

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

Murder Mystery | Psychological Thrillers Set In Ireland
Publication Date Moved From May 5 to June 2, 2020*

Did anyone else freak out when their local libraries (rightfully so) closed? I wanted all of the books. Book of the Month Club alerted me to May 2020 new release, The Guest List by Lucy Foley. I just had to have it. I am getting Agatha Christie vibes here. Set off the coast of Ireland during wedding festivities, someone is now dead. These characters are a tad rich and spoiled…and boozy. I am all in and cannot wait to escape into a whodunit new book. Amazon | Goodreads | Book Information→

Beach Read Emily Henry book cover with cartoon man and woman each sitting on a beach towel with writing paper and pencilsPin

Beach Read by Emily Henry

Contemporary Fiction | Rom-Com
May 19, 2020*

I loved rom-com May 2020 book release, Beach Read by Emily Henry. The title itself lets you know it’s comforting AF, and who isn’t contemplating writing a novel right now? Augustus writes literary fiction while January is a bestselling, ‘fluffy’ romance author. Filled with writers’ block, they decide to switch genres. Read my full mini-review in TUL’s May issue of Currently Reading. Amazon | Goodreads| Book Information→

YA May 2020 book release, As Much As I Ever Could by Brandy Woods Snow, book cover with orange racing car and teen male and female leaning against itPin

As Much As I Ever Could by Brandy Snow Woods

YA Contemporary Romance & Southern Fiction
May 26, 2020*

The perfect early summer beach read, As Much As I Ever Could will transport you to Edisto, South Carolina. Imagine a hot race car driver with a crush on a girl who needs him now more than ever. Add in a sassy grandmother, a selfish mean girl, and lessons for how to overcome blame and tragedy. You won’t be able to put this one down, especially with its beautiful and poignant ending. Our complete review is coming soon in May’s issue of Book Buzzed. Amazon | Goodreads

Spring 2020 book releases, The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner, book cover with 5 people looking at a house and their backs toward the readerPin

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner

Historical Literary Fiction
May 26, 2020*

Now is definitely the time to support our community and help save small businesses. I am just about to start Spring 2020 book release, The Jane Austen Society. With WW2 ending, a group of people band together to save Jane Austen’s legacy and home. An unlikely group of friends, they create The Jane Austen Society. Enjoy the literary journey to a small English town, too.  Amazon | Goodreads 

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End Of Spring 2020 Book Releases

I already have a large stack of June 2020 new book releases in my hands to keep my heart and mind occupied. These are a few of the upcoming new books that I am excited to dive into:

The Lies That Bind by Emily Giffin redish orange book coverPin

The Lies That Bind by Emily Giffin

Contemporary Women’s Fiction
June 2, 2020*

One of my most anticipated Spring 2020 book releases includes a 9/11 story by bestselling author Emily Giffin. I just scored an advanced copy, and I am trying not to dig in early. Giffin is my go-to for escapist fiction, and her newest, The Lies That Bind seems bolder and more intense than usual. We are seeing many more 9/11 stories publish this year, which has everyone questioning if enough time has passed. In The Lies That Bind, Cecily falls for a stranger at a dive bar in NYC. When he soon goes missing in the chaos and aftermath of 9/11, Cecily questions all that she has come to feel and believe. Amazon | Goodreads  | Book Information→

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles book cover with a brunette woman in a blue dress looking out at the Eiffel Tower sitting next to a stack of booksPin

The Paris Library by Janet Skeslien Charles

WW2 Historical Fiction | Book Set In Paris
June 2, 2020*Update: Publication Date Is Now Showing 2021

The Paris Library is by far one of my most anticipated Spring 2020 upcoming WW2 book releases–LIBRARIANS, y’all. I’ve coveted an ARC since February. My husband and I visited the American Library in Paris. I knew that I just needed this armchair travel book right now, especially since I miss my library. Based on a true story and set in 1939 Paris, Odile–along with a gaggle of librarians–joins the Resistance to protect everything that she loves. Flash forward to Montana in 1983, to find a shared story from a dark past.  Goodreads | Amazon

The Girl From Widow Hills Megan Miranda navy blue book cover with golden hairPin

The Girl From Widow Hills by Megan Miranda

Psychological Thriller | Suspense
June 23, 2020*

I have heard so much hype about The Girl From Widow Hills and just had to snatch an ARC of this June 2020 book release. While this book list is meant to provide comfort, my impression is that The Girl From Widow Hills will suck you into a creepy murder mystery. To my dark tourist friends, that is indeed a good read during this tough time. Arden barely survives a sleepwalking episode through a storm as a young child. Changing her name and leaving that past behind, 20 years later she finds a dead body at her feet and the reemergence of her childhood story. Amazon | Goodreads | Book Information→

Upcoming New Spring 2020 Book Releases Pinterest Pin with pink rose and book covers for Darling Rose Gold, The Guest List, The Paris Library, The Socialite, The Jane Austen Society and The Two Lives of Lydia BirdPin
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Which Of These New Spring 2020 Book Releases Are You Most Excited For?

Let us know in the comments which of these upcoming or recently released books you are dying to read. Which ones have you read already? Are there any new books that you didn’t love?

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Saturday 9th of May 2020

I just read Code Name Helene! I Was Anastasia was a great book too!


Sunday 10th of May 2020

I loved how Nancy carried around her red lipstick and applied it before jumping out of planes in Code Name Helene. Definitely a wonderful book based on such a unique woman. I could have done without the over-the-top romance, but that was my only complaint.


Tuesday 31st of March 2020

So many great sounding books coming out this spring. I've been making a list of books to buy soon, and so many of these have made it onto that list. Though if I could only buy one it would probably be Marie Kondo's book. I feel like that one would be the most beneficial to me right now. I do a fairly good job of keeping my workspace clean but I think she could help me out in doing a better job of it and keeping it clutter-free as well.


Wednesday 1st of April 2020

Yes, this spring 2020 has some exciting reads! I've been loving them all. Kondo is a great choice and will serve two needs: reading and cleaning. It's perfect!

Kathy | Tasty Itinerary

Tuesday 31st of March 2020

I have not been able to pick up a book at all since the lockdown started. I've listened to the podcast and that is about it. I tried to start reading a few books and immediately get distracted by my own thoughts or the television. A light read my do the trick though. Normally, I gravitate to light reads during times like this. Anything that makes my heart feel full and not heavy. Something that makes me laugh instead of cry. Of course, I'm saying this and of course, I'm drawn to the 9/11 story you mentioned "The Lies That Bind". What's wrong with me? I should really get a copy of "Beach Read" as that makes more sense.

Anyways, thanks for compiling such a great list. Hopefully, I will end this lockdown and have read at least one book.


Wednesday 1st of April 2020

I am trying to listen to more podcasts while I cook. Lately, my brain has been in overload; I can only handle one thing at a time, ekkk.

Because it's Emily Giffin and usually a romance, I always feel like she is a fabulous escapist read. I was happy to snag an advanced reading copy of The Lies That Bind--I wasn't sure how competitive it would be to get one. I'm going to try to sneak in Beach Read, if I can.

Thanks so much! Take care.