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Imagine getting off of a red-eye flight in Iceland and heading straight to Blue Lagoon Spa outside of Reykjavík. Find out what to expect, tips for a successful visit, and what to bring.

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Preconceived Notions

Did you ever expect that you wouldn’t like a place because it was labeled as super touristy such as Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa in Iceland? Picture hoards of people taking pictures for the Gram and hundreds rushing from sight to sight just because they should stop at all of these infamous locations.

Iceland is facing a current tourist boom and is incredibly trendy lately. Even going in the February off-season, we walked around with slowly building mobs of people.

I feared the Blue Lagoon Spa would be, quite frankly, hell:

Taking naked showers with swarms of people. Getting pushed and shoved on my way into the turquoise waters. Picture-takers everywhere.  Spending a ton of money on tickets for a tourist trap.

I’d seen hundreds of beautifully edited, idealized photos.  I am not one for insanely popular places.  Balinese rice paddies, I will never understand. I am, however, well aware that these destinations are largely popular for a good reason.

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If you look closely, you can still see Silica face mask following my hairline.

Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland

My prejudices caused unnecessary anxiety, though. I can surprisingly and honestly say that I absolutely loved my three hours at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa.  Only my excitement for exploring Reykjavík dragged me out of the misty waters.

From face masks to mimosas, the Blue Lagoon is the perfect cure for jetlag and a warm first handshake with Iceland.  Hands down, one of my favorite indulgent travel experiences.

Learn a few not so secret tips for avoiding the crowds, keeping your phone safe, and what to expect.  We also made a few minor mistakes that you can avoid.  As you read along, please know that I am not an expert but just a happy traveler who works hard at planning trips.

This post will not cover the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa’s dining areas, hotel accommodations, or actual spa services.  This post is just about dunking yourself in the water.

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Blue Lagoon Logistics: Getting There & Tickets

The sun comes up closer to 10 AM in Iceland in the winter.  Just getting off the plane, the temperature was barely 17 degrees F. Every travel blogger told us to reserve Blue Lagoon tickets at least a month out and book straight from our red-eye flight for the 8/9/10 AM, opening slots.

Best decision we made, albeit with some risk of a delayed flight or airport congestion.  We had the Blue Lagoon largely to ourselves as the sun rose.  Heavenly.

Tour groups pour in after 10/11 AM.

brunette woman in the Blue Lagoon Iceland with frozen hairPin
After taking a shower to wet and protect my hair with conditioner, my hair froze in the 17-degree temperatures.

A Few Important Pre-Booking Tips for the Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland

1. Book your tickets at least one month in advance.  You book by the hour, although you can stay at the Blue Lagoon as long as you like.  You have a one-hour window to make your designated time.

We completely messed up here, but more so because we were waiting to hear from potential travel partners.  Luckily, we managed to buy tickets to the Blue Lagoon one week+ in advance.  Almost completely sold out for the entire week–in the off-season–we scored an 8 AM time slot.  I would have safely preferred at least 9 AM. Our Icelandair flight was set to land at 6:10 AM.

Risky AF, right?

Determined not to miss our chance at those turquoise waters, we made sure to pack only carry-ons.  Our flight landed early, thank goodness.  We even had time for breakfast at my new favorite Icelandic chain, Joe and The Juice.

According to the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa website, if you miss your ticketed time and call them ASAP, they might be able to reschedule you.  I’m happy to report that I cannot tell you more on this from experience.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

2. Pick the earliest time slot that you can.

The Blue Lagoon opens at 8:00 AM, which is the perfect time to miss the crowds and watch the sunrise.  The only bus we saw coming in that early was the one from the airport.  We drove up to an empty parking lot and had no lines to grab bathrobes, get our entrance wristbands, and take a shower in peace.

Also, know that the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is about 40 minutes from Reykjavík so it’s easier to see the geothermal spa straight from the airport.  Otherwise, this destination is out of your way.

3. The Blue Lagoon is about 20 easy-to-drive minutes from Keflavík International Airport (KEF).

We rented a car, which I highly recommend.  Although pricey for car insurance–that you desperately need–we loved the freedom of picking our own routes on our schedules.  Read more about driving in Iceland.  The airport also provides direct bus transfers to the Blue Lagoon if driving isn’t your jam.

In regards to making our 8 AM timeslot with a 6 AM arrival time: we walked through KEF with no problems.  No lines at the car rental area (ours was the Avis counter), and the entire deboarding, car picking up, and the exiting process took less than 30 minutes.  At 6 AM on a Sunday, KEF appeared easy to navigate.  A small miracle, maybe?!

4. There are different ticket packages for different prices.  Regardless, expect to spend nearly the cost of a Disney Park ticket.  Worth it?  You bet.

Prices vary based on days and times.  Some are much cheaper than others. There are two main Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa ticket tiers (as of 2019):

    • Blue Lagoon Comfort Package starting at $57: Entrance, Silica mud mask, towel, and one free drink.
    • Blue Lagoon Premium Package starting at $81: All of the above plus a second mask, slippers, bathrobe, and dining reservation at their restaurant.

Due to our late booking, we only had the option for the Comfort Package, which was more than enough.  We definitely paid a lot more than $57 too…  We spent around 3 hours at the Blue Lagoon.

Also, note that the Blue Lagoon Retreat Spa offers spa packages.

5. Blue Lagoon has a baggage check/holding area along with large lockers.

If you are going to the airport or heading out, the Blue Lagoon will safely hold on to your luggage for a small fee.  Hit up this building before you enter the Blue Lagoon ticket doors.

Don’t forget they have bigger lockers for your coats and purse.  Leaving everything on the grounds felt completely safe.  I did have expensive cameras, devices, etc. on me.

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What To Expect At the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa: Lockers, Showers, and Experience

We headed up the Blue Lagoon’s well-groomed walkway in anticipation of a pretty chilly dunk.  My head instantly started screaming–either from the sheer cold or fear of being colder–that this was a bad idea.

You’d have to be crazy to strip down in this frigid weather.

frozen grey sandals on the shower room floor of The Blue Lagoon Retreat and SpaPin
I accidentally froze my fabric sandals. See how they are standing straight up in the air? Oh dear…

However, the locker and shower rooms are minimally warm, and once you hit the Lagoon waters, all chill goes away.

I will never forget stepping out of the pre-thermal spa shower and my bare toes burning on the icy ground.  Is this fire or ice?  I quick-shuffled my way into the Lagoon, which was like entering sheer heaven.

A Silica face mask and a mimosa, included, we stayed for hours. Never too hot, never too cold, I could have stayed forever. The perfect cure for jetlag.

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What You Should Know About the Blue Lagoon Experience

1. Once you check in, you are given a wristband to wear at all times.  You can also purchase slippers, robes or additional supplies like phone protectors that you may want.

We decided to rent robes, which was semi-helpful for walking around the locker room.  However, the smallest bit of water on them froze outside.  Just make a run for it and save the money.

2. You must shower before entering the Blue Lagoon.

There are private changing rooms, bathrooms, and public areas.  The Blue Lagoon asks that visitors shower sans everything.  You can pick a shower with a door or not.

They provide shower gel and conditioner for your hair.  You definitely want to place your hair in a bun.  Leave some conditioner in, too. Do not put your hair in the water. The water will fry your hair.

Your wristband stays on the entire time and gives you access to a huge locker with a coat hanger and plenty of space for your bags.  You can return to the lockers at any time.

3. Drinks are to your right.  Face masks are to your left.  The pool is much larger than you think.

Grab your free drink on the right.  You can also use your band to purchase more bevies and cash out at the end.

I have incredibly sensitive skin, but the Silica mask is refreshing and at least for me, safe.  After 10 minutes, you wash the gloop off in the Blue Lagoon.  Your skin will glow.

4. Although I already said this, I feel like I need to reemphasize: DO NOT PUT YOUR HAIR IN THE WATER.  Straw.  You will watch silky hair turn to straw.

No explanation needed, right?  Smooth hair = no Lagoon water.

5. Stop by the cafe and exit through the shop.

If you need hydration, grab water at the cafe or a snack for the 40-minute ride into Reykjavík. You conveniently exit through the shop.

Also, don’t forget to sneak upstairs to the balcony for a view that overlooks the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa area.  On your way out, you can walk a scenic path to see the bubbling blue water, too.

Outside blue, steamy water from the Blue Lagoon Spa in IcelandPin

Cheap Advance Purchases That May Enhance Your Travel Experience At the Blue Lagoon Spa

I was not always the biggest fan of ‘what to bring and wear’ posts until I realized how actually helpful they are when you have no idea what to expect.  Plus, people find cute and practical gear that I never even knew existed.

Just A Few Pre-Purchase Recommendations:

  • Packing Cubes: I used these packing cubes for all of my clothes.  I created a specific packing cube for the Blue Lagoon.  I threw in my bathing suit, a pair of sandals for the locker room, a change of clothes, and an extra sweatshirt. You might want to add lotion and some hair care products too. Leggings are great.


  • Cheap sandals:  Oops, I froze mine outside.  I do not love walking around shower and locker rooms barefoot.  Maybe it’s just me.  I’m a fan of anything waterproof.  Of course, you can buy $5 Payless thongs, but I live on Amazon. Just one example of water-friendly shoes with a brand that has serious endurance:


  • Face Wipes: I have really sensitive skin.  I definitely recommend face wipes for removing makeup before The Blue Lagoon Spa experience.  These are perfect for getting the face mask off completely too.  Not to mention that I use these exact wipes for removing my makeup every night.  No one wants the extra hotel charge for killing a towel.


  • Hair Drying Towel: Why did I forget mine?  The Blue Lagoon changing rooms have hairdryers.  However, I left with soaking wet hair and wish I brought my microfiber towel.


  • Phone Protectors:  We were still terrified to fully submerse our phones in the Blue Lagoon waters and didn’t.  We did, however, keep our phones with us for pictures.  These protectors definitely kept out whatever water touched them.  **Please note that it is pretty hard to take pictures through plastic protectors with the steam.   We managed, but my pictures aren’t amazing.  These worked for us, though. You can ‘kiss’ off the steam.  All of my pictures are with these covers over our iPhones.


Summary Of Tips

Are you ready for a Blue Lagoon adventure?  Just picture warm water, misty skies, and feeling at peace with the world.

Brunette male in bathing suit in blue waters of Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa Iceland holding a phone protectorPin

Just to recap a few key points for a serene the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa experience:

  • Book your tickets well in advance and book the earliest time you can.
  • Think about booking the Blue Lagoon Spa experience around your international flight arrival or departure time.
  • Drinks are to the right.
  • Don’t dunk your hair in the water.  Being cute and pretty with your hair down is nice, but you will pay, dearly.
  • Bring a change of clothes. Think about walking barefoot around the lockers.
  • Um, have the time of your life!!!  We definitely did!
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It took SO much self-control not to book Blue Lagoon for our flight home too.  Luckily for my wallet, tickets were sold out.  Would I visit the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa again?

You bet.

Looking for more Iceland itineraries and a little history?  Check out TUL’s visiting Iceland guide.

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa Information

Be sure to check all information, pricing, and hours directly on Blue Lagoon website.

Contact Information for the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa:

Blue Lagoon

Norðurljósavegur 9, 240 Grindavík

+354 420 8800

Let Me Know What You Think!

If you have been to the Blue Lagoon Spa or visit after reading this post, let me know what you think.

Is there anything else that I am missing that you have questions about?

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    1. The sandals were hysterical. I cannot believe that they froze straight up in the air!

      Thank you. We absolutely loved Iceland. I hope that you have a wonderful time!

  1. I went to Iceland in August. Coming from the heat of Texas, the chill of an Icelandic “summer” was perrrfect!! I’m reading all your Iceland posts becaiuse- girl, I was THERE! It’s such a pleasure to have memories rekindled by someone else’s memories. I’m not much of a crowd person either but this was something I was not going to miss. I was born and raised in MInnesota and left it when I got my teaching job in Texas. (If it involves water- I’m in… Texas has none.) Even in the tourist crush of August, the Blue Lagoon was still comfortable and a not-to-miss experience. You id a great job giving people all the information they might need. Btw I didn’t get a robe and was glad for it, but it was August. Thank you for such a perfect blog!

    1. Thanks so much! I cannot believe that we are coming up on a year since we went to Iceland. I’m thrilled that you loved it too–literally blew my mind with beauty. Everyone who has gone and now talks about Iceland seems to love it more than usual–I get it! Those horses are STILL my favorite. I’d love to visit Iceland in the summer and actually see some green. Did you catch the Northern Lights? I’d love to see them again. We are headed to Switzerland this year, which I am hoping will be just as magical as Iceland. I’d go back to the Blue Lagoon–I agree: you have to do it (at least once). Thanks again, and have a great weekend.

  2. What the?? I could have sworn I’d commented on this! I blame the internet.

    So I skipped the Blue Lagoon. Twice. And I don’t regret it because, well, I hate being in bodies of water. They creep me out. Also bathing suits are not my friend. But mostly it’s that bodies of water are gross. This includes baths. Ew. It does look magical, though.

    Anywaaaay, your trip does sound amazing. And if I ever get over my phobia, and we head back to Iceland (a girl can dream!) then I’ll be taking your advice and getting there early… although that alone might make me write if off. Early mornings, boo!

    Awesomely detailed post, and I’m glad you had such an amazing time!

    1. HAHA, you probably did comment and the internet seriously ate it. I just went to comment on someone’s blog and had the same sentiment. Like wait, what?! I thought I posted too. It’s a conspiracy or something.

      Holy shit, can we digress to Twitter for one second?! That tweet was like setting a fire today.

      If you hate bodies of water, the Blue Lagoon is NOT for you. Someone else recently told me that they wouldn’t go into the baths in Hungary for the same gross reason. I totally get it. You know, I am terrified of all things germs, but for some reason, I hopped right in. I did have a moment where I was like: Hmmmm, nothing is really cleaning this water, is it?! I wouldn’t go in with an open wound… TMI, but for reals.

      If you take a red eye, you won’t have to worry about getting up: If you are like me, you would never have been asleep. lol.

      Thank you!

  3. Honestly, we are passing on the Blue Lagoon, but you make it sound so great! I think if we were not traveling the entire Ring Road, we would be going. There are other lagoons that we are planning on trying out, and I am curious to see how they are.

    Your experience sounds amazing! I may end up regretting not going! Ok, maybe not, because I am crazy excited about EVERYTHING! Very informative post. I enjoyed it!

    1. Haha!! Have no regrets! You will have a blast no matter what and love it. Are you doing any of the other geothermal springs or outdoor heated pools?

      I loved the Blue Lagoon, but it’s not the be all, end all. You pay a pretty penny for a pretty experience. I’d go back and do it again…or even if I ever have a layover at KEF…but it won’t make or break Iceland for you. Iceland has SO much to offer, you won’t feel like you fell short.

      I cannot wait to hear about your Icelandic adventures. I wish we had time for all of Ring Road.

      Thank you!

  4. First off. This post/your site is overall amazeballs. Love the detail and imagery in writing and of course the images. Super stoked to visit one day! Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge!

  5. I never realized Iceland had become so trendy. I always thought it would be a nice place to see, so I’m not surprised. Hopefully I can make it here some day.

    1. I hope you make it there, too. Mother Nature was truly otherworldly. I never expected to see seals playing amongst glaciers. I had no idea that glaciers were even that blue. Not to mention seeing the Northern Lights.

      Iceland seems to becoming more trendy because of IG and geotagging. Social media has brought a lot more awareness to the island.

  6. Excuse me but this post has legit just bumped Iceland WAY UP on my travel list! The photos look awesome here, and while I tend to avoid touristy hotspots this seems like an adventure in relaxation that I couldn’t pass up. Thanks for all the tips and advice, bookmarking!

    1. YAY!!!! There is SO MUCH MORE TO COME!! Lol.

      You know, originally Iceland was never that high on my list either. I had NO IDEA. We were supposed to go on this trip with friends that suggested Iceland for the Northen Lights, Blue Lagoon Spa, and winter experience. Our friends never ended up coming, but it was a nice push to get us to Iceland. I think it’s my favorite country yet! One of my best friends loves it too, and she is into quieter places.

      I cannot wait until you go!

  7. This looks like such a great experience! Excellent tips for hair protection too. The geothermal spa experience will definitely be on my list of things to do in Iceland.

    1. Thank you! I had a blast and am so glad that I did not skip out on the Blue Lagoon.

      I had to protect that hair lol. I heard horror stories from close friends and bloggers. A strand of mine dipped in, and I could tell… Some people were dunking right in, but almost every girl had a bun on her head.

      Thanks for reading! I hope you go soon and tell me all about it!

  8. Okay! This changes my mind a bit about visiting the Blue Lagoon. I try to not let the idea of any area that is known for being super touristy get in the way of my travel plans… but as I am not a fan of busy places and crowds I do tend to stay away. I definitely need to take a trip to Iceland. I have been there quite a few times – but only as a connection with very little time between my next flight. Whenever I go, I will be sure to go first thing in the morning! I am happy you had such a fantastic time! Love that your sandals froze.

    1. My sandals freezing was a pretty hilarious scene. I left them hanging outside on a hook with my robe. The next thing I know, I am trying to thaw them out in the locker room. Before Iceland, I never even knew that this could happen.

      The Blue Lagoon Spa is a tricky one because it is also getting more and more trendy. Busy places stress me out, and I do not love mobs of pushy people taking 1000 pictures, literally! My recommendation is to see it once, at least. Iceland has other hidden and small geothermal springs around that I wish we saw too. Plus, there are all of the outdoor pools that I just was not brave enough for.

      The Blue Lagoon was magical to me because we got there literally at 8 AM. There was barely anyone there, and we had the warm water to ourselves with a few (quiet) others. Because of the time of year, it was dark and the much later sunrise changed the colors 10 times. Plus, people who are there at 8 am are definitely chiller–that’s early!

      If you go, let me know what you think!

      1. The sunrise changing colours sounds completely magical! I will definitely check out the Blue Lagoon when I finally make it to Iceland. I always just use Iceland as a stop over on my way to Scotland, but I would love to spend more time there.

  9. I absolutely love this post! It’s so informative! And exactly the kind of post I would be looking for if I was planning a trip to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. ;

    Damn, it’s so beautiful there! I wanna go! I need to be able to go here and then go off to a warm destination after. I know me. HAHA. Still, though, I hope to be able to explore this beautiful place one day soon and that tourism doesn’t completely kill it.

    Thanks for sharing the tips. Loved the packing tips too.

    1. Thank you! I have been fielding so many questions about whether or not it was worth going to the Blue Lagoon Spa from people who don’t want to buy into the hype. I totally get it, and hopefully, everyone at least has an idea of what to expect. Personally, I think going at 8 AM, freezing my behind off, and watching the sunrise before others arrived made the Blue Lagoon perfect for me.

      Oddly enough, I actually really LOVED being cold. I am not even joking. I loved cracking out sweaters, vests, and boots. The cold made me sleep better, and I felt all snuggly. I love the snow. Maybe Florida made me appreciate the weather a tad more, but I could have stayed chilly for a lot longer.

      We got back to Florida in the 80s and 90s with a ton of humidity. I broke into a sweat at Disney and was actually uncomfortably hot.

      I seriously hope tourism (and IG) don’t obliterate Iceland. It’s not a piggie or flamingo beach though…soooo maybe there is hope?!

      Thank you!

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